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Media Asked To Pressurise Judiciary To Perform Better

Media organisations in Nigeria have been asked to put more pressure on the judiciary in the area of judgement delivery to ensure that cases are handled within a short period of time.

A lawyer, Kenneth Odidika, on Tuesday, said that delay in trail of cases had contributed to the resentment that Nigerians feel about security agencies and their inability to secure the punishment of law offenders.

On several occasions, cases taken to court by security agencies take up to one year before judgement is passed. In some cases, the media lose interest in covering the case and Nigerians will be left in the dark as to what happened to the criminal, a development that had led to increasing impunity.

This, Mr Odidika attributed to the slow nature of handling proceedings by the court judges, stressing the need for the media to demand that the judiciary show more commitment to their duty by dispensing judgement on cases as fast as possible.

On Monday, the Department of State Security paraded some persons suspected to have carried out the April 14 bomb blast in Nyanya Motor Park, Abuja, a development Mr Odidika commended.

He stressed the need for such cases to be handled as fast as possible to ensure justice.

“If these security agencies could put their lives on the line for the country, by going all out to arrest these men, then the judiciary should equally make some more commitment to handle cases fast. Nothing stops them from putting extra time into handling cases.

“Judiciary needs to be dealt with by the media to ensure that they do their work. Trials stretch on and on until the media lose interest in covering it.

“It is the responsibility of the media, which is very powerful, to put the judiciary to work. The security men are putting their lives on the line and the judiciary should also do more to prosecute these criminals in good time,” Mr Odidika.

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