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Man assaults two policemen

AN apprentice who on Sunday cut a man’s lip with a blow at the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) point at Ilasamaja, Mushin, Lagos, also assaulted two policemen who came to settle the matter.
The incident occurred around 4pm at an Eco Bank branch.
The Nation saw the policemen wrestling with the apprentice. After overpowering him, he was chained to the gate of a company near the bank.
Eyewitnesses said the apprentice had earlier attacked the man at the ATM point in the bank and vowed to further “beat him up” outside the bank’s premises.
A woman, Kemi Olawale said the apprentice should be dealt with for his violent act.
She said: “That man was on the queue to withdraw money. This guy (pointing to the apprentice) sat somewhere. When it was the turn of the man, the guy just came saying he was there first. An argument ensued and the apprentice gave the man a blow. He also promised to deal with him outside the premises. We appealed to the man to be calm. He withdrew his money and went out not knowing that the apprentice was waiting for him outside.
“Immediately, he stepped out, the guy hit him in the face and cut his lip. See as he is bleeding.”
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Bleeding from the upper lip, the victim narrated his own side of the story.
“I don’t know him from anywhere. He just came from where he was sitting that it was his turn to withdraw money. I said I did not meet him on the queue. He started cursing me and hit me with a blow. The other ATM users appealed to me to remain calm. After withdrawing money, I stepped out of the bank and saw him blocking my way. Before I could say anything, he started attacking me. See my lip and cloth stained with blood. This guy must go to jail,” he vowed.
Another eyewitness, Bola Oluyemi said the apprentice got what he deserved for attacking the man.
“After he hit him in the bank and we begged the man not to retaliate. He just prayed that ‘soldier will deal with him’ for his unruly action. While he was attacking the man, a policeman guarding another bank came to separate them, he hit the officer and they started fighting. Another officer came to inquire what was happening, he hit that one too. The apprentice was acting as if he was under a spell. That was why the policemen dealt with him and chained him to the gate. He deserves more than what he got,” she said.
One of the officers in the police vest said he was there to separate the fight when the apprentice hit me.
“He even boasted to deal with me. Can you imagine such an insult? I will ensure he regrets his action,” he said.
He and others were beating the apprentice as people tried to beg on his behalf.
A guy called for petrol to set the apprentice on fire, alleging that he was one of the robbers attacking people who came to withdraw from the ATM.
Those who knew the apprentice quickly waded in. They said he is an apprentice on the other side of the road.
They later appealed to the officers, who unchained and warned him never to repeat such a foolish act.
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