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James O. King a fan of Scan-News wrote this message on Sule Lamido:

When a reporter of Freedom Radio Kano drew the attention of Governor Lamido to public concerns about the involvement of his children in grabbing government
contracts and living lifestyles inconsistent with legitimate income or honest labour, the Governor flared up like a bear with a sore head.

The interview ended abruptly because
Lamido used the blackmail of anger not to answer a very
legitimate question from a journalist. His children have
been living flashy lifestyles, driving state of the art cars
and Jeeps in a poverty ravaged State like Jigawa. The
corruption scandal against Lamido didn’t come as a
surprise to me. He has all the while thrown dust in the
eyes of gullible people, pretending to be Malam Aminu
Kano’s disciple. He dubiously calls himself “Jagoran
Talakawa” ( the leader of the masses) while quietly
siphoning their money through his children. The allegation
that Lamido is being witch hunted is arrant diversionary
nonsense! Nobody is denying that Lamido’s children stole
these unbelievable and mind-boggling billions. Lamido’s
relationship with President Jonathan is immaterial. The
real issue is that these billions were indeed stolen by his
children. Telling me you are not the only thief is not a
defence at all. Can a thief brought before the court tell a
Judge to set him free because he is not the only thief in
the land? That is not a defence anywhere. Lamido is a
disgrace to the memory of the late Malam Aminu Kano. If
we didn’t fail to condemn the corrupt activities of former
Governor Saminu Turaki of Jigawa State, why should
anybody now hesitate to condemn corruption because it
involves Lamido? This is double standard; this is
nauseating hypocrisy. And it is ridiculous!

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