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Iran to impose tough measures as coronavirus death toll rises

Iran plans to ban Iranian New Year travels and traditional gatherings in parks, President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday as coronavirus death toll rose to 2,077 in the worst-hit country in the Middle East.

Rouhani said more restrictions would be imposed to contain the spread of the new coronavirus that has infected 27,017 people across the Islamic Republic.
The government has so far refused to impose a lockdown on Iranian cities.

“This plan is strict and it will create difficulties and restrictions for travel and prompt people who have already travelled to return home faster,” Rouhani said in a remarks carried by state television.
The president said gatherings will be restricted during Sizdah Bedar on April 1, a nature festival which is part of the festivities during which Iranians traditionally hold picnics outdoors.

“These are tough decisions that are necessary to protect lives. All parks may be closed, and Sizdah Bedar will not be like previous years, but we have no choice but to do so,” Rouhani said.
Nowruz, or “new day” in Persian, is an ancient New Year celebration and the most important date in the calendar, when families gather and exchange gifts.
Officials have complained that many Iranians have ignored appeals to stay at home and cancel travel plans in the fight against the coronavirus.

The escalating outbreak in Iran has killed 2,077 people in Iran, health ministry official Kianush Jahanpur said on Wednesday, with 143 deaths recorded in the past 24 hours.
Iranian authorities have called on Iranians to avoid public places and stay at home, while schools, universities, cultural and sports centers have been temporarily closed across the country.

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