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Immunity clause: HURIWA to senate; Reps: – Only the Guilty Are Afraid:

The prominent civil Rights advocacy group – HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA) has alleged that both the senate president and the speaker of the federal House of Representatives may be afraid of possible prosecution over something only both of them know for rushing up a bill to grant themselves immunity from prosecution.

HURIWA has at the same time showered encomiums on some of the Federal House of Representatives like the factional minority leader Mr. Ndudi Elelu for kicking against the obbiously bad piece of proposed legislation to confer undeserving immunity from prosecution to the proncipal officers of both the upper and lower chambers of the National Assembly.  The Rights group said the fact that some common sense has prevailed on the side of those who opposed the bill has shown that even amongst ‘thieves’ there are honourable men and women. 

Telling the hierarchy of the National Assembly that only the guilty are afraid, the Rights group totally condemns the bill seeking immunity for lawmakers from prosecution just as the Rights group asserted that constitutional democracy thrives when all citizens irrespective of status are equal before the law even as the Rights group said Nigerians even expect the National Assembly to strike out section 308(1) of the constitution to remove immunity for executive arm of government. HURIWA wonders whether the Nigerian parliament is located in the outer space for the members not to have known that even recently in Great Britain the Prime minister Boris Johnson was dragged to Court by some citizens over the ways and manner that he shut the House of commons so as to foist his own kind of BREXIT on that session of the parliament and the British Supreme Court o overturned the closing of the House of comons by the controversial premier. HURIWA also expressed shock that the Nigerian law makers are oblivious of the near impeachment of the President of the United States of America who was subjected to trial just after the Democrats dominated Congress had voted to impeach him just as the civil society group said the development in the USA from where we borrowed the Presidential system of government should serve as CONSTRUCTIVE lesson to demonstrate that nobody is above the law in civilised societies. 

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