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Ibadan flying object a toy, say police

After days of unconfirmed reports that a United States drone fell in Ibadan, the Police have stated that the object in question was actually a playing toy, that flew beyond the control of its manipulators.

Spokesperson Olabisi Ilobanafor said last night that investigation had shown that the electronic object was a Christmas gift for a child in the area.

She said the item was set flying to the glee of the child-owner but unfortunately crashed into a house within the neighbourhood.

Chairman, Ido local government, Professor Joseph Adeniyi Olowofela, accompanied by police, SSS and members of the Defence Corps yesterday recovered the flying object which fell on the roof of a house in Awotan in Ido local government yesterday.

The chairman yesterday described a story published in a newspaper that an object crashed into the home of a resident as “ unfortunate and misleading.”

Prof Olowofela said there was nothing like a crash as reported and that it was untrue that the United States used the object as a spy.

“What happened was that a man was playing with a toy with his son and the toy got lost only to be discovered by a neighbour and instead of searching for the owner of the toy, the neighbour kept it in his home for one week. And the next thing was the report in a newspaper that a spy object lost control and crashed into a residential apartment, “he said.

The owner of the kite- like object, Sunday Folayan, an Electronic engineer and the vice president of Nigeria Internet Registration Association, also expressed shock at the reported crash.

Folayan is the owner of Skynet, an Ibadan-based service provider.

Folayan accompanied the chairman, top local government officials, the Police, the SSS and other security men to recover the toy yesterday.

Folayan, who claimed to have produced many similar toys for his son in the past, explained that he was playing with his son with the battery- propelled toy when it got missing and efforts to retrieve it failed last Sunday.

Giving a description of what the toy looked like, he said: “The weight of the toy is 0.8 kilogrammes with the shape of an I-Pad. It cannot run more than 15 minutes. It is not solar-panelled, but uses battery and it is remote controlled.”

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