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Chief Executive of Zabet Consult Limited, and Zateco Constructing Company, Engr. Joseph Zendesha, has expressed appreciation to Governor Samuel Ortom for exposing the capacity of his two firms through the opportunity to rehabilitate some roads in Gboko town. He granted an interview in his office in Gboko. Excerpts:
Can you introduce yourself sir?
My name is Chief Engr. Joseph Zendesha. I’m the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Zabet Consult Limited, the company given the rehabilitation of roads in Gboko.
Can you tell us the scope of the work that you did?
Generally, the work involved patching of the roads and scarifying the worst areas and asphalting them. We’re also required to do some drainages and some culverts, we’ve completed most of what we’re supposed to do. On J.S Tarka Way too, mostly is asphalting and drainages, which we’ve also almost completed. From Union Bank to Tor Tiv’s Garden also, there are some drainages and some asphalting, which we have done.
When did you start this work and when were you expected to complete it?
We started the work in January when we were mobilized and we were expected to finish the work in June but we asked for a small extension of time.  We were supposed to finish in July but we still have some asphalting and we have now asked for another extension to finish the work.
Where do you get the asphalt?
There is an asphalt company at Lafia. We procure our asphalt from them – Admak Asphalt Company in Lafia.
What is the reaction of the people in the town, the residents?
The people are so happy that Ortom is really working. They’re so happy that he is working. We too are happy to do what the Governor has asked us to do. We’re doing it and people are really appreciating it. The general reaction is positive.
How were you able to deliver on the quality which people have come to notice?
We’re able because we have the equipment, the manpower and the capacity to deliver on the job.
Did you have any special challenges on the work?
The challenge was procuring asphalt from Lafia. This was quite a big challenge because the asphalt has to be brought and laid within a certain temperature and so if you have a small breakdown on the way and the temperature drops, it becomes a problem. But we hope that as we grow, we will be able to procure our own asphalt plant and we’ll be able to manufacture our asphalt here in Gboko.
What’s your excitement with the work on the Gboko township roads?
We’re very happy with Governor Ortom for this opportunity he has given us. This opportunity has exposed us and people have known that Zabet Consult Limited and Zateco Construction Company have the capacity to do this kind of job and we’re very happy about it. We even prefer a new road because people will even appreciate us more. Everybody will see what we’re doing because as soon as you patch a pothole, somebody passing on the pothole wouldn’t know that this pothole was patched by you but a new road, everything that will be done from the scratch to the finish, the drainages, all the culverts and everything will be done by us for everybody to see. So we prefer a fresh road than rehabilitation.
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