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Dear Austin Tam George, I disagree with you absolutely!

First, I appreciate you for agreeing with the fact that we were both part of this Government and we all collectively did our bit to project ‘Project Rivers’ to the best of our ability.
We all know and will not forget so soon how we met Rivers State in 2015 and how we all desperately sought to make a change through our contributions and we engaged on this on a few occasions.
I stand my grounds Mr. Austin. I am not a communication expert like you  but i’m a financial/construction management expert and wouldn’t make a careless statement without cross-checking my facts. My domain, I hold so dearly.
The love of Rivers State like you guys profess  or promoting Rivers mustn’t include de-marketing Rivers State.
Just like I mentioned before, I reiterate, Rivers State is doing better than Lagos State and if you feel otherwise, I challenge you to a debate on this so we can talk with facts and figures.
We are one of the few States that have a capital Budget that is two or three times more than the recurrent Budget. We cannot shy away from the fact that one of the problems we had before Wike’s administration was bad roads and the man Wike came in and fixed them speedily. I hear you talk about pot holes and I laugh. Can you compare the number of pot holes in Lagos with the number of pot holes in PH ? Of course not! We all travel around Lagos and you’re not the only Lagosian here. What we will not accept is you promoting Lagos over Rivers.
Irrespective of your inclination currently, I think you should learn to call a spade a spade.
For a start,  come up with the Lagos State capital Budget in the past four years and I’ll do same for Rivers State and you’ll see that we did better. That Lagos ‘ojoku’ will no longer sell. We can’t promote others and kill ours.
We are all scholars and I respect your views. I think you should respect my views too. Rivers State is doing so well and all you have to do is to add to the progress constructively and not destructively.
One love bro.
By Dax George Kerley
AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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