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Army Cant Have Buhari’s School Certificates—Ex Benjamin Adekunle’s Aide

A former aide of the late Brigadier Benjamin Adekunle has said that the Nigerian Army does not keep original copies of school certificate educational qualifications of its recruits into the institution.
The retired soldier who lives in Ogun state when asked whether his secondary school certificates were with the military said he has his original copies.
Laughing off the excuse given by General Muhammed Buhari that his original educational copies are with the Secretary of the Military Board, the former soldier who fought in the Biafran war as a sergeant of the Nigerian army said what the army may actually have are what he called ACTs, certificates given for two or more months of training and does not keep educational certificates. ACT, he said means army traning certificates.
The ex soldier said when he was recruited, he presented his papers and they were handed back to him.
He lamented that most of the soldiers from the north did not have educational educational qualifications but because of their kinsmen in power, they rose to generals and eventually because heads of state.
Another retired soldier, a naval tutor, narrated his experience in his teaching the naval men.
The man from Edo state said most of them from the north knew nothing and it was difficult teaching them.
Another commentator, Rauf A Obembe, had this to say: “Let’s be frank with ourselves. Before the establishment of NDA, many Nigeria cadets went to Sandhurst and Mons Cadet Schools to be trained as officers. There were two Categories of training. One year(crash program) and 3 years(regular training). Saduana made sure many young men from the North (including GMB) benefited from the Crash Program so they could become officers rapidly, while the Southerners mostly went to do the Regular 3 years program. But was that the fault of Buhari? Should we castigate him for that? Well, I don’t think so!”
Indeed, Late Biafran soldier Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu had once said that many Nigerian Generals are ignorant, do not have combatant experience and do not know the difference cornfield and battlefield

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