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2015: Nigeria Sitting On a Time Bomb – Ambassador Hagher.

The immediate past Nigerian High Commissioner to Canada, Professor Iyorwuese Hagher, has warned that Nigeria is sitting on a time bomb as the 2015 general elections approach.


Hagher, the executive director of the African Leadership Institute in Dayton Ohio, USA who made this warning in a review of his new book titled: “Diverse but not broken”, added that six conditions were present and prevalent in Nigeria, a country he described to be sitting on a ‘ticking bomb.”


Warning further in the book, the former envoy noted that no government power in Nigeria was strong enough to stop what he called a well-articulated youth response that expresses anger and fury against their depression, oppression, and suppression.


Hagher who had also served as an Ambassador and principal envoy to Mexico, Costa Ricardo, Panama, and Guatemala said: “With so many incendiary flash points, we are sitting on top OG a time bomb and the clock is ticking dangerously to the d-hour.


“Nigeria needs to preempt the imminent blow up of the country in revolutionary mob frenzy that will sweep away the good with the bad and ugly.”


He reiterated with emphasis that Nigeria is not making any social progress, adding that it is retrogressing.


He continued that the glue holding the nation is thinning out and all its people seem to be doing is managing to stop the house from falling apart.


“All we are doing in governance seems to be preventing a full-scale civil war and disintegration. Confusion, violence, corruption, disruptive behaviours, and chaos are beneficial to the few sharing the cake, but when the house falls, the cake will no longer be there to be shared,” he said.


Hagher, a professor of English and Drama affirms thar the first stage to a revolution is when there is a profound alienation and antagonism toward the state by the citizens living in poverty and precarious existence without security or predictability, especially to job security.


Describing Nigeria as a wounded elephant, the current Pro-Chancellor of Afe Babalola University in Ekiti State argues that 2015 is not just about the stewardship of President Goodluck Jonathan and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) but a year that the whole nation will stand trial.


His words: “The political and business class, the clergy, the intellectuals, and the leaders of the entire ethnic nationalities will be on trial.”


Saying that the problem of Nigeria has been basically the leadership culture, the author notes that this is based on the thesis that no matter how good the individual leader might be, if the culture he or she operates in doesn’t not allow him or her to practice those good traits and abilities, he or she will end up a failure, irrelevant, or frustrated.


On corruption, he says: “Lies and corruption are mutually reinforcing. The Nigerian leadership is expressed in conspicuous cornucopia. No nation on earth is immune from corruption. But Nigeria’s political leaders are pitifully in the forefront of grand corruption and larceny where the top leaders deliberately falsify, doctor, and bribe their ways to become filthy rich, morally bankrupt, and sprirutually bereaved.”

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