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The European Union was invited by theIndependent National Electoral Commissiontoobservethe2019generalelections.
The EU Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) is very concerned about the process andtimingofthesuspensionoftheChiefJusticeofNigeria, HonourableJusticeWalterOnnoghen,
With 20 days until the presidential andNational Assembly elections, political parties,candidatesandvoters mustbeabletohaveconfidenceintheimpartialityandindependence
of the judicial system.
The decision to  suspend  the Chief  Justice has led  to many Nigerians, including lawyers and civil society observer groups, to question whether due process was followed. The timing, just before  the swearing in of justices  for Electoral Tribunals and  the hearing of election-related  cases, has also raised concerns about the opportunity for electoral justice.
TheEUEOMcallsonallpartiestofollowthelegalprocessesprovidedforintheConstitutionandtorespondcalmly toanyconcernstheymayhave.
The EU EOM will continue observing all aspects of the election, including the independence of  the election administration,  the neutrality  of  security agencies, and  the extent to which  the  judiciary can and does fulfil its election-related responsibilities.
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