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After impeachment acquittal comes removing Pelosi from her role as speaker, Pence says

EAST PENNSBORO, Pennsylvania — Vice President Mike Pence called on supporters to make sure Nancy Pelosi is removed from the role of speaker of the House in November as he celebrated President Trump’s impeachment acquittal.
He said the Senate victory should serve as a springboard to winning back the House.
“I think they tried to impeach this president because they know they can’t defeat President Donald Trump in November of 2020,” Pence told a boisterous crowd at a Women for Trump event outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. “But that’s all over now. Senate Republicans came forward. The president was acquitted,” he said.
“They’ve had their say. Come November, we’ll have our say,” Pence said.
With Trump preparing for a midday address on Thursday, it was up to Pence to lead the White House response to the Senate acquittal.
He was aboard his campaign bus, driving from a diner stop in Lancaster to the rally, when news of the vote came through.
It turned an already lively crowd of about 500 people into a cauldron of excitement in the ballroom of the Radisson Hotel as they celebrated acquittal.
They greeted gaps in Pence’s speech with chants of “four more years” and drowned out some of his words, such as when he said it was time to dump Pelosi out of her job.
“Let’s make sure it’s the last time Speaker Nancy Pelosi ever sits in the chair behind the president during the State of the Union address,” he said, with the final words disappearing in a sea of noise.
Earlier, Pence talked to journalists aboard his campaign bus. More relaxed without his suit jacket on, the vice president sipped coffee as he talked about the likely acquittal, including how it would damage the Democrats and set up Republicans for move victories in elections this year.
“People have lives to lead,” he said. “I think it’s backfired and will continue to backfire on the Democrats.”
He watched the news come through on two televisions on his bus shortly before taking the stage.
“What a week,” he said, before joking that he had enjoyed the State of the Union a bit more than the House speaker sitting just next to him. Pelosi could be seen tearing up a paper copy of Trump’s speech as he completed the address.
“Just a little while ago, the United States Senate voted to acquit President Donald Trump … of articles of impeachment,” he said.
“After a sham investigation and partisan impeachment, it’s over, America. It’s been an incredible week,” Pence said.
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