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To Murder with Hate in Libya

By Yahaya Balogun 11|29|17
What is the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari doing to stop or wade into the killing of Nigerians in Libya? The other day, it was South Africa. Up till today, no one has been held accountable for the heinous crimes against the Nigerian residents in South Africa. Unaccountable number of Nigerians were heinously killed in South Africa only for APC governor in Buhari’s administration to compensate fouled Jacob Zuma with the Status of Shame! This is a common situation in an abnormal situation in Nigeria. Our system adequately compensates evils with veneration and generosity, while good people are rewarded with evil deeds and degradation.
Yesterday, it was South Africa, today, it is Libya. Tomorrow where? This is an unending question whose answer can easily be predicted. Nigeria had in the past played crucial roles to help brotherly African countries including Southern Africa and Libya. Why is our country being compensated with killings and maiming? The videos surfacing on social media are gory scenes to watch. Africa is doomed? The current situations have dampened my spirit and clouded my sense of humanity. The deafening silence of Buhari and his administration is not only embarrassing but disturbing in the face of man inhumanity to man.
Why are Nigerians helpless in this period of their travails? At home in Nigeria, fellow citizens live in fear, hopelessness, insecurity, squalor, deprivation and hunger. It seems there’s no respite in sight for these unending sufferings of the citizens! This writer has seen so many natural disasters in different countries, but Nigerian disasters are man-made! Self-inflicted problems! When you see a nation whose individual citizens and leaders pretend with deceit to love one another, even with the indulgence and inculcation of religion, you can easily predict the outcome of their daily religious and political romance, and interactions.
Our government and the previous ones have disappointed us numerously on simple issues that required mundane and patriotic leadership. These unpleasant situations in Libya and at home ache my mind. To see fellow citizens go through horrific situations at home and abroad is aching, disturbing and sickening! Xenophobic, nationalistic and nihilistic nuances are being used to resent and exterminate the lives our countrymen and women, and our system pretends as if it is a normal business as usual. The citizens are numbed to bad news and ugly situations in Nigeria. Abnormal situations have become normal situations. What are the sins of the ordinary people in Nigeria? Who cursed the society for deliberate indifference?
Sadly, our society is nauseatingly  populated with nihilists, sociopaths, opportunists, grandstanders, pretenders and self-made fredenemies. Every strata of Nigerian entity is compromised and corrupt. No one seems to be in trustworthy mode. In spite, of all these intimidating entities, we still have some good, humane and godly Nigerians with big hearts. They are in minority. These are the good Nigerians that must not waver or be discouraged. They must remain unfettered to speak out against squalor and injustice. We must always encourage them to come out to wrestle the mantle of leadership from our leaders who are indifferent to the plights of the ordinary Nigerian people.
Unfortunately, the youths who are the sole determining factor for the future of Nigeria; are the same youths that will be weaponized to mortgage their own future. The youths have the catalysts to inhibit and tilt power to their sides, but these catalysts will be bought by the same Nigerian politicians to maintain the status quo.
As President Muhammadu Buhari left Abuja to join other African leaders in Abidjan, to participate in the 5th EU-AU Summit, this disturbing Libya’s burning issues must be tabled before other African countries, and the world. It’s a midnight in Africa, this self-inflicted darkness must be illuminated.
President Buhari’s administration must act and speak out now. His handlers must be alive to their constitutional responsibilities to Nigerians’ predicament. They should stop kissing the foot of Mr. President. At times, I wonder if Nigeria has External Affairs Minister!  Buhari’s government must be held accountable for the continued Xenophobic and inhuman treatments of his hapless citizens at home and abroad. The buck stops on his Table at the Aso Rock Villa, Abuja, Nigeria. Buhari’s administration and its deliberate or indeliberate indifference are keenly being watched as we approach 2019 presidential election. As an avowed Buharist, I will advise Buhari to learn big lessons from Brexit and Trumpism. Buhari should stop playing into the stealthy hands of a famished ‘Articulated’ individual lurking around to wrestle power from him in 2019. To be forwarned is to be forearmed!
A stitch in time saves none!
Yahaya Balogun
Arizona, USA.
AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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