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Obama Makes A Promise About Michelle Running For Office

Fans of the First Lady of the United States will be disappointed with President Barack Obama’s assurance that his wife won’t run for higher office.

Obama sat down in the White House’s Blue Room with ABC’s Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan for an interview that aired Friday, where he was asked about how he’d respond if Michelle Obama were to run for an elected position.

“In 10 years from now, if Mrs. Obama turns to you and announces that she wants to run for office, what would your honest reaction be?” Ripa asked.

“I would say, ‘Where did you take my wife?'” Obama replied. “I was sure that there had been an alien body-snatching going on. One thing I can promise you is that Michelle will not run for office.”

Sixty-six percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of Michelle Obama, according to a recent Gallup poll


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