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Wike’s Development Blueprint For Rivers State

Title: Our Mission
*A New Rivers State: New Vision, New Thinking, Better Opportunities

To build a state that is truly united, secure and prosperous with boundless opportunities for everyone who lives in it to peacefully pursue their goals and realize their full potentials in dignity and happiness.

Mission statement:
To actualize the aspirations of the people of Rivers State for a balanced development and an enhanced quality of life for the present and future generations through responsive governance guided by the fear of God.

Our Priorities
*Open, Accountable and Inclusive Governance
*Security of Life and Property
*Administration of Justice
*Healthcare Delivery
*Agricultural Development
*Roads, Drainage and Transport Infrastructure
*Housing Development
*Provision of Water
*Energy Security
*Jobs, Wealth Creation and Economic Empowerment
*Women Development
*Youth Development
*Sports Recreation and Tourism
*Environmental Protection
*Urban and Rural Development
*Social Welfare Services

The NEW VISION means responsive governance. For us, power belongs to the people always and not to the governor, who is merely a trustee. Accordingly, we shall neither abuse nor personalize power. Instead, our governance model shall be one that is inclusive, policy-driven, open and people-centred. For this purpose, as a government we shall:
Respect and uphold the rule of law and ensure that everyone is equal before the law;
Respect the sanctity and independence of the legislature and the judiciary. We shall not interfere but work harmoniously with the State House of Assembly and the Judiciary to move the State forward;
Ensure that the State Executive Council is truly accountable for their duties through regular performance monitoring and evaluation schemes;
Reform and reposition the State’s Civil Service for efficient and effective service delivery through training, value re-orientation and meaningful motivation; and
Tackle corruption and reduce cost of governance;

The NEW VISION is to make Rivers State secure, safe and peaceful. For this purpose, our government will:
Collaborate with the Federal Government, the security agencies and all stakeholders to combat crime and guarantee the safety and security of lives and property in the State;
Partner with the police to enhance surveillance and intelligence gathering in communities;
Provide support to the police and other security agencies to strengthen their operational capabilities to enhance their effectiveness in crime detection, investigation and prosecution; \nx
Enforce the relevant laws against all forms of criminality

The NEW VISON is to ensure prompt and effective justice for all. We will restore the dignity, independence and effectiveness of the State’s judicial system. For this purpose, we will:
Not interfere in the administration of justice and the appointment of judicial officers;
Resolve the impasse in the appointment of a substantive Chief Judge for the State and re-open the courts for business;
Ensure the judiciary is accounting and a first-line charge in the budget;
Give priority attention to the welfare of judicial officers during and after service,
Improve the welfare of the magistrates;
Equip the courts to improve their operational efficiency and effectiveness and ensure speedy dispensation of justice; and
Promote and expand the development of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

The NEW VISION is of a knowledge-based society. Accordingly, we will give serious attention to providing quality education for all. For this purpose, our government will:
Progressively improve the State’s budgetary allocation for the funding of education;
Ensure effective implementation of the Universal Basic Education scheme in the State, including giving priority attention to pre-primary and special needs education;
Renovate, adequately equip and staff all secondary, technical and vocational schools and provide them with basic educational resources and services;
Reintroduce boarding school system in public secondary schools;
Strengthen the inspectorate department to ensure regular monitoring of schools for greater accountability and efficiency;
Give priority attention to the training, retraining and the general welfare of teachers;
Motivate and reward teachers and school administrators who deliver genuine improvements in their schools;
Encourage private businesses to adopt schools as a corporate social responsibility;
Encourage a robust parental participation in school administration;
Encourage corporate organizations to fund research and innovation in the State-owned tertiary institutions;
Introduce a need-based scholarship scheme for brilliant students to study in local and foreign universities; and
Promptly pay bursaries to all Rivers State students in tertiary institutions.

The NEW VISION means proposes universal access to affordable quality healthcare for everyone who resides in the state. We shall arrest the present decay and decline in healthcare services and ensure that the public healthcare system actually delivers to every patient. For this purpose, our government will:
Improve budgetary allocation to fund healthcare delivery in the State;
Carry out needs assessment and, where necessary, establish health facilities in underserved areas of the state
Reverse the current policy of shutting down existing hospitals;
Rehabilitate, equip and adequately staff existing general hospitals and health centres in the State;
Establish a medical school in the State University of Science and Technology to enhance the training of health personnel for the State;
Make functional the free medical services scheme for children up to 5 years, pregnant and nursing mothers, the physically and mentally challenged and senior citizens;
Upgrade the Schools of Health Technology, Nursing and Midwifery and Public Health Nursing;
Ensure prompt payment of counterpart funding to attract and enhance international and national funding on healthcare development; and
Partner with the private sector to invest in the development of an affordable, qualitative and efficient healthcare delivery system for the State.

The NEW VISION gives priority attention to agriculture to enhance food security, stimulate agro allied businesses and create jobs for the people. Accordingly, our administration will:
Encourage and support young people to train and engage in commercial farming;
Ensure that farmers have regularly and direct access to fertilizers, improved seedlings, and other agricultural input and support services;
Create an enabling environment for private investors to establish large scale farms for mass production of staple foods such as yams, rice, cassava etc;
Attract foreign direct investments in agricultural production and processing, to create agro-business opportunities, generate employment and develop local agricultural entrepreneurs;
Promote massive production of fish, aquatic and livestock products;
Encourage large scale plantation agriculture especially, oil palm, cassava and plantain; and
Ensure prompt payment of the State’s share of counterpart funding on national and international agricultural development programmes.

The NEW VISION is of first class roads, transport and drainage infrastructure to drive rapid social and economic development in the State. To achieve this objective, our government will:
Invest in the construction of first-class roads, bridges, canals, jetties and other mass transit infrastructure by reputable contractors;
Dualize roads leading to local government headquarters and major towns in the State;
Reconstruct or expand existing strategic roads in Port Harcourt city, Obio/Akpor and other major towns with covered drains, pedestrian walkways and street lights;
Construct the Trans-Kalabari coastal roads network;
Tackle road congestion and ensure free flow of traffic in Port-Harcourt and Obio/Akpor;
Upgrade the drainage systems in our major cities by adopting modern area-wide drainage planning solutions;
Review the need for Port-Harcourt ring road project and, if necessary, get the private sector to buy- in;
Work with private investors to establish and manage a Bus rapid transport facility to ply dedicated routes in Port Harcourt and between Port Harcourt and major towns;
Construct bus terminals and motor parks to stop the loading and offloading of passengers along streets; and
Take measures to ensure safety on our waterways and reintroduce ferry services in partnership with private investors.

The NEW VISION emphasises access to decent and affordable shelter. Generally, most people, including civil servants cannot afford to build or buy their own homes because the cost is beyond their means. To tackle this challenge, our government will:
Invest in the provision of social housing in partnership with private investors;
Expand opportunities for housing development by providing serviced plots in urban areas to civil servants and low income earners;
Support the establishment of new housing districts/estates; and
Fast-track and simplify the process of issuing Certificates of Occupancy.

The NEW VISION seeks to ensure regular access to potable water for all residents in Rivers State. For this purpose our government will address the issue of water security and ensure that public water flows to private homes and public places. To this end our government will:
Resuscitate and rehabilitate all existing and abandoned water stations, reservoirs and distribution networks in the State;
Develop new water projects and treatment plants to service Port Harcourt, Obio/Akpor and other urban areas;
Co-ordinate and streamline the provision of water by the Federal Government and other agencies, such as the NDDC, oil companies and NGOs to avoid duplication of effort and wastage; and
Strengthen the Water Management Board.

The NEW VISION seeks to enhance our prosperity through energy security. The importance of regular electricity supply to the growth of the State’s economy is too great to be taking for granted. Therefore, our government will:
Work towards achieving energy security for Rivers State;
Audit the State’s huge investments in the power sector and ensure that it recaps commensurate value for money spent;
Ensure the completion of on-going electrification projects in the State;
Facilitate the electrification of rural communities and connect them to the national grid; and
Encourage and attract further private sector investments into the power sector for the benefit of the State.


The NEW VISION will make Rivers State the industrial hub of Nigeria. A strong industrial base will create tangible jobs and increase the State’s revenue for development. Accordingly, our government will give priority to industrialization by:
Creating an enabling environment to attract local and foreign investors into the State, such as ending multiple taxation, enhancing security and provision of power;
Making the State the industrial hub for oil and gas, petrochemical and fertilizer production businesses;
Assisting business men and women from the Sate to participate in both the upstream and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry;
Reviving moribund State-owned companies in partnership with private investors;
Investing in large-scale commercial farming and agro-allied business ventures in partnership with private investors;
Creating a special purpose vehicle to invest in diverse sectors of the nation’s economy, including oil and gas, construction, banking, hospitality, manufacturing and real estate for and on behalf of the State; and
Creating new industries in partnership with private investors to employ our youth and develop local entrepreneurs.

The NEW VISION will bring about economic growth, wealth creation and prosperity by leveraging opportunities from SMEs. Accordingly, our government will:
Effectively implement the SME policy in the State;
Strengthen the Rivers State Micro-Finance Agency to provide soft loans and funding for cooperatives and small businesses;
Provide technical training, business advisory services and support for SME entrepreneurs to improve their businesses;
Empower small business owners through government contracts and direct patronage of their goods and services; and
Establish business incubation centres to provide small businesses with a supportive environment for sharing resources and driving growth.

The NEW VISION means empowering our women through concrete initiatives to build strong families and play key roles in developing our State. Against this background our administration will do the following:
Promote gender equality;
Implement positive discrimination in favour of women;
Discourage all forms of discrimination and harmful traditional practices against women through education and re-orientation;
Empower women through skills acquisition schemes and provide those in business with credit facilities to support their businesses;
Create special opportunities for the economic and educational advancement of women;
Strive to attain not less than 35 per cent representation for women in political appointments.

The NEW VISION means developing our youth to achieve their full potential as future leaders and productive assets of the State. We are therefore committed to giving priority attention to youth development. We will to this end:
Adopt and implement a comprehensive youth development policy that will enable the youth to overcome their limitations and contribute to the socio-economic development of the State;
Initiate a youth leadership programme to develop young and talented leaders in various sectors to serve as role models and mentors for others;
Provide adequate educational, sporting and recreational opportunities for the youth.
Create opportunities for the youth to acquire vocational training and life-long skills that will enable them to be gainfully employed.
Partner with the private sector to create jobs and income earning opportunities for the youth;
Partner with Civil Society Organizations to train the youth on ICT, entrepreneurship and values re-orientation
Provide entrepreneurial training to enable the youth to own and run businesses; and
Encourage young people to take to economically rewarding small business ventures and provide them with technical support.

A NEW VISION in sports means understanding the importance of sports in society and giving it all the attention it deserves. Besides enhancing good health and productivity, sports is also a great profession for youth with talents, as well as a mechanism for empowerment. To this end, our government will:
Adopt and implement a comprehensive sports development policy to drive sports development;
Promote and develop neglected or under-funded sports;
Establish a comprehensive sports academy;
Reintroduce sports festivals and competitions especially the Governor’s cup;
Strive to make sports an attractive and secure career path for the youth; and
Encourage the building of model sports and recreation centres in the local government headquarters and major towns.

The NEW VISION is geared towards making Rivers State the number one tourist destination in Nigeria. All over the world, tourism has become a major industry. Fortunately, Rivers State has a significant tourism attraction, which if fully tapped will generate employment for our youth, income for government and wealth for the people. Accordingly, our government will:
Provide a clear plan for the development of the tourism and hospitality sectors of the State.
Elevate, reposition and repackage the CARNIRIV festival as an international tourist event;
Identify and develop important heritage sites;
Encourage and support local tour businesses with training and capacity development; and
Give priority to the safety and security of tourists.

The NEW VISION means responsible management of our environment for the sustainable benefit of the present and future generations. For us, therefore, protecting the environment is a task we must undertake with seriousness because it strikes at our very existence. For this purpose, our government will:
Ensure that all relevant laws and policies on the environment are enforced and implemented;
Ensure efficient management of solid, domestic, industrial and medical wastes through private public partnership;
Partner with civil society groups to educate and empower communities and households with the knowledge and skills to sustainably manage and keep our environment clean and safe from pollution;
Collaborate with the Federal Government and oil companies to ensure the clean-up communities adversely impacted by environmental pollution;
Encourage the planting of trees and discourage the use of firewood for cooking; and
Ensure the protection of vulnerable shorelines around the State; and
Facilitate and partner with the Federal Government to implement the UNEP Report on Ogoni Clean up.

The new vision means accelerated development for urban and rural communities. Our administration will ensure that the fruits of development get to every part of the state. For this purpose, we shall:
Design and implement an integrated action plan to enhance growth and development of towns and cities in the State;
Create social, economic and business opportunities for rural dwellers to stem rural-urban migration;
Improve community-level infrastructure in the areas of roads, potable water, education, health, electricity and security;
Carry out urban renewal within Port Harcourt and Obio/Akpor and upgrade existing social infrastructure;
Positively review the Greater Port Harcourt city development project; and
Upgrade, provide and modernize social infrastructure in our major towns, such as Ahoada, Bori and Degema and develop them along the path of sustainable cities.

The NEW VISION means providing social safety nets for our senior citizens, the elderly and vulnerable people to enable them live in comfort and happiness. To this end, our government will:
Reform the pension scheme and ensure that retirees get their benefits promptly;
Provide free medical services for the aged and children up to five years;
Enhance the wellbeing of the physically and mentally challenged;
Improve the services of old people homes, motherless babies homes, and orphanages in collaboration with faith-based organizations

Our promises are our bond. If elected we shall work relentlessly towards actualizing our vision and mission for a better Rivers State. We believe that together we can create better opportunities and achieve more for our people. Vote wisely. Vote PDP at all levels.
Vote wisely,
Vote PDP all the way:
14th February 2015
Presidential Election
Senatorial Election
Federal House of Representative Election
28th February 2015
Governorship Election
State House of Assembly Election

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