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UK Lecturers Embark On A Day Strike

Lecturers and staff of many universities across the United Kingdom under the umbrella of Universities and College Unions (UCU) embarked on a one day strike in protest of pay cuts on Thursday.

At the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), students and lecturers appeared to be united in the course.

Our correspondent in the city of London, Doris Okenwa monitored activities in some universities and confirmed that academic activities were indeed disrupted by the strike.

The lecturers and staff maintained that there has been a consistent drop in the last 13 years despite huge funds being generated in the sector with fees for international students placed at over 10,000 pounds.

A senior lecturer of Economics at SOAS, Stephanie Blankenburg said the take home pays does not meet rising costs of living adding that the proposed one per cent increase by employers is not good enough.

Another angle to the strike action is the call for increased funding of universities as austerity measures have made university education in the UK astronomical.

This could herald a decline in face to face learning and a prompt a rise in online degrees.

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