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This is the truth: Rivers is PDP

By Simeon Nwakaudu


The world can now attest to the truth. Rivers State is purely  a PDP  state. This fact will not change for a very long time. At least, not until 2023. The choice to stand with  the  PDP  was deliberately taken by the people in view of the presence of Nigeria’s  most pro-people politician and leader,  Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike  as a member  of  the  party.


The  rerun  elections  in  the  State  have laid to rest the vain boasts of political armed robbers,  clothed in ‘borrowed  federal might’ unleashed  on  the  people  through noisy media tour and desperate intimidation  on the day of elections,  simply because  ‘they’ want to capture  the  Treasure Base of the Nation.



Those leaders who  were convinced in their hearts in Abuja and Lagos that by simply handing over the  security  agencies  to former Governor Rotimi Amaechi they would intimidate  the Rivers people  into allowing  the APC  rig the  rerun elections now understand the  depth of Governor  Wike’s  support  base across the length and breadth ofthe state.


Even those who  thought they would change  the  outcome  of  the  process by unleashing media violence,  false propaganda,  negative  profiling and orchestrated violence  should  be  wiser by now.


They tested the resolve of the Rivers people  and they have found out that the people know who is  their leader. They found out that the era of impostors masquerading  as leaders has been  jettisoned  in the state. Most importantly,  they found out that the Rivers people  will withstand  any form of terror  to attain development.


By handing over  the security  forces  to the  Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi who declared that he will flood the State with soldiers,  the ‘powers that be’ practically declared war on the state. They deliberstely removed the neutrality  of security  forces and compelled them to operate from a political viewpoint. The powers that  be  simply gave life to the statement  of  embattled  APC National Chairman,  Mr John Odigie-Oyegun that the APC  was ready to  do anything  illegal  to capture  Rivers State.


All the cases of  violence  witnessed on 19th  March,  2016 during the  rerun elections  were traced to the doorsteps  of the military supported by the  APC .  They were extremely  overzealous  in their negative  commitment to  favour the APC.  The four persons who died in  the  course of  the  rerun elections  were victims of military  high-handedness. That the atmosphere  became charged during  collation  was because  Rivers people  resisted the several attempts  by the military  to supplant  collated results with results concocted  at the Novotel  hotel  in Port  Harcourt.



Elections were cancelled  in eight local government  areas  because the people and other stakeholders  stood their ground insisting  on credible polls despite provocative military  intimidation. On election  day,  all the victims  of  violence  were members of  the  Peoples Democratic Party. APC leaders  were assigned soldiers with which they  illegally  arrested and beat up PDP  members.



This writer believes that the rerun  elections  were a referendum of sorts. Though Governor Wike and his man opponent,  Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi were not directly involved  in  the  elections, the elections  posed as the true test to who is actually  on ground. The results are in the public.



Following  the  heavy  defeat suffered by the APC  despite its control of  the  Federal Might, the party and her leadership have returned  to their original  turf, cooking up lies and circulating unnecessary  propaganda.  The APC  has conscripted  paid groups to link the  violence during  the  rerun elections  to Governor Wike.  Like every  other  issue, this will  fail .



Like last year’s  general elections, only the PDP  campaigned in all the wards and polling  units.  It was easier for PDP  leaders  at all levels  because  of  the  superlative  performance  of Governor  Wike.  The people  are feeling  the impact  of  his governance  strategies and they prefer him to continue  leading them.


On the other hand, the APC  leadership  in Rivers State made it clear through their ill-fated propaganda  outbursts  that they were interested  in  truncating  the good governance  being enjoyed in the state.  The Rivers  people  would have nothing to  do  with  this ill-wind.


Expectedly,  the people  had their way. The voice of the people is the voice of God. In Rivers State,  the voice of the people  continues to echo PDP.  The earlier  those interested  in  mischief  accept  this fact, the better for them.




With majority  of  the  rerun  elections  successfully  conducted and Certificates of  Return  issued, the Rivers people  have resolved  to  move forward. Governor Wike has since continued to  transform the state  into a centre of  unprecedented  development.



In Rivers State,  the antics of the  opposition  will never move the entrenched movement  that was founded on the need to retrieve  the  state  from the clutches  of forces of darkness.  There is no community  that will escape  darkness and allow itself  to  be  blackmailed into returning  to  the  dark days.


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