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The President has refused to sign the electoral act is purely to manipulate the 2019 election says Governor Wike 

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike in a Special Appearance on Channels Television Sunrise Daily talks on the forthcoming elections, disqualification of Rivers  APC to participate in the polls and sundry national issues.

Excerpts ”


Question:            On the disqualification of APC candidates in Rivers State,  Is it possible that when it gets to appeal, it will turn things around?

Answer:                It cannot be turned around. The law that we practice today is that they did not have any lawful primaries.

Question:            But isn’t this an attempt to get the APC out of the election, so that you can have fill.

Answer:               No, it’s an attempt to put things right so that you must comply with the provisions of the law.  It has come to the point that people will not keep quiet . Now, let me tell you, Buruji went to court against PDP, Buruji got judgement against PDP at the Federal High Court.  INEC wrote to PDP that they are going to comply and uphold the judgement by the Federal High Court even though that Adetutu and his team had gone to the Court of Appeal. That is  To tell you that INEC has various interpretations. Now, because it is PDP, INEC wrote they would comply the judgement of court.

Now, when its primaries of APC, the lawyers of the other faction write to INEC that you cannot recognize the candidates because the court has nullified the primaries, abinito, there are no candidates, so you cannot. You know what INEC did; INEC wrote to APC notifying them for their information of such a judgement, not telling them that they will comply. But for PDP,   INEC wrote to PDP that they are going to comply with the judgement; that they are going to make sure that the judgement is implemented.  But, when it was on APC, INEC wrote to APC notifying them that look there is such a judgement.

Question:            So, this is about the mode of operation of INEC?

Answer:               That is why people don’t have confidence in them. If you look at the letter they  wrote to APC on 22nd of November, 2018, they merely say that we are in receipt of this judgement from a man called Henry Bello informing us that this is the judgement of court and you must comply and therefore, they are now sending it to them for their own knowledge.


Question:            But His Excellency, what about Zamfara, INEC immediately told APC

Answer:              No, it’s a different thing. It’s like you don’t also understand. Whose interest? Who are those who are saying that APC do not have candidates in Zamfara State? What they were saying is that there were no primaries in Zamfara State.

Question:            Even though they have gone to court to challenge it.

Answer:               Look at the interpretation, when there are judgments against PDP, immediate enforcement and complied, when there are judgments against APC, we are studying the judgements. I am giving you an instance, a practical one. It happened at Ogun State.  We expected INEC as an unbiased umpire,  having done the same thing with PDP in the case of Ogun State, that the same thing has happened to APC, we are going to comply with the judgement. They did not do that, what they did was notifying them about the judgement, so you can now see.

Question:            Is it about the  Senatorial election?

Answer:               Yes, whether you like it or not, how come you have two original result sheets? How come that you as the person conducting the election, you have the original result sheet, all other people are supposed to have duplicates, the accredited copies, the green copy and the rest of them. Police will have copy of all that, the agents will have copies of all that. Now, INEC certified their original copy and under, what happened, police went and certified their own original.  The question I am asking is that INEC, what’s going on?  How come, was it that you printed two originals, is it supposed to be so?

Question:            How do you know the court done that?

Answer:               Is you that say. Look, yes, we have gotten your complaint. We are worried about it, we can assure you that, that will not happen again. We want you to reassure the people, instead of you to keep quiet. How did they get the same serial number of the original of INEC and the same of the police.  It means that they have gotten two originals and we must have to work at it.  Look, let me tell you and that that is what we are saying, if somebody lets you that this election is going to be free and fair, please, no, no, INEC cannot deceive me.

Question:            We are saying the court judgement in Rivers State now about APC, but you know some members are not going to participate, at this stage is going to be difficult for the APC to get to the court of Appeal and Supreme Court and sort itself and get a candidate.

Answer:               No, no. it’s not correct. They have already got  to the Court of Appeal and lost, they have appealed to the  Supreme Court. What the court did was to give the intricacy of the judgement of the High Court.  That was all.

Question:            But the party is still going to appeal?

Answer:               It’s the same thing. What we are saying is that look, based on the judgement that nullified the primaries which means, there was no valid primaries or lawful primaries as it were and therefore, if there is no valid or lawful primaries, you cannot participate in the general election.

Question:            Then for those who feel that if you say that you have participated in several elections with the APC and won them, why then do you go to court and want them out of this election.

Answer:               No, it’s not me wanting them not to participate , it’s you not complying with the law. If you’ve gone to participate in an election, the law says, for you to participate in it, you must do this, and I have complied and for you to participate, you must do this, you must do that, did I say don’t comply. Why do people say it  is me that has caused their problem?

Question:            What happens to their supporters?

Answer:               There must be other options. Support any other parties. We have no quarrel about that. What we are saying is that look, for you, you refused to comply with the law . If we will comply, you must comply.

Question:            But, we know how politics is in Rivers State, what if at the end of the day, you have a lot of protestations and perhaps because of some sort of stalemate elections don’t hold as scheduled, would that not affect you?

Answer:               Do you know part of the ground plan is to make sure election did not hold at the same time with other states. That is the background design with the collaboration  with of security agencies.

Question:            Who is making the back ground plan?

Answer:               The APC and the government. You all know. With all due respect, the new Commissioner of Police came to pay me a courtesy call and he said he will be professional. And I said, please, please I am tired of this professionalism.  All I want you to do for us is, fight crime, fight cultism, fight kidnapping, but don’t tell me you will not come here and side APC. Don’t tell me that story. I don’t require that, I am not going to sleep for you to tell me that you’re going to be neutral. How?

Question:            Did he tell you that he is going to be neutral?

Answer:               He said so, but even at that, I will tell him, you don’t make me to go and sleep to tell me you are going to be neutral.

Question:            We believe that there are going to be security challenges in the state, but that challenges is now politician?

Answer:               No, no, no. Right from day one, that is what they have attributed the security threat to. Look, let me tell you something, I know you are aware people invaded the court, the Chief Justice of Nigeria, CJN said that matter must be investigated. You are aware. Has police investigated that matter uptil today? Because they know that people invaded the court, the temple of justice. Uptil today, the police has not investigated that. I was watching the News , the President was standing when they were giving flags to their so called candidates. The so called APC Chairman whom the court had declared wanted for multiple murder trial was standing where the President of the country was standing. A person declared wanted by the court  for multiple murder trial. The police gave him security movement, the police has been ordered to arrest the man for the murder trial, yet the man is moving with security. What is that telling you?  Are you tell me to sit down? Take for example, I am a sitting governor for Christ sake, no Chief of Army staff can say I have ever one day since I became a governor requested for a soldier . I don’t need it. But you see those politicians, you are sitting here, you see them with troops of soldiers moving about. And I said what is going on in this country. We have reduced ourselves to the point that ordinary politicians, you see platoon of soldiers moving with them.

Question:            When they were in opposition, didn’t your party use them?

Answer:               It’s not correct. I challenge you. You know it is not easy.  Assuming it was so, though not correct. If it was so, and you say you want to make it change, do you think you must continue with that pattern? If you are saying that you are giving a change, these things were not done right till now and then instead of you to change that, you are continuing with that, so, where is the change?

Question:            You are saying that the process is not going to work out, that the elections are going to be compromised. Why do you say that the election is going to be compromised?

Answer:               Now, let me tell you something. You remember the 6th division created. The headquarters of the 6th division is here in Port Harcourt. Then I hear  they have a new GOC. Rivers State government played a major role to commence that 6th division. Rivers State government played a major role in terms of providing accommodation and the rest of them. Do you know that as I sit here, the so called GOC who is sitting in my own state, where we have provided them virtually everything for them for the 6th division to take off, he has gone to visit my colleague in  Akwa-Ibom State, he has gone to visit Delta State. Do you know that the GOC has never deemed it necessary to pay a courtesy call on the Governor of the state where the headquarters of the division is?

Question:            isn’t it that professional?

Answer:               Is that professional? That courtesy demands that you cannot pay a courtesy visit on the seat of government.  . If they are posting, they say he must report to the Ministry of Transportation  first, if it come to CP, you must report there first.  When the last Commissioner of Police, Zaki Ahmed was going, I said, I told you, they are going to use you and dump you at the appropriate time. They sent one Cross River boy here, a Brigadier General who came and carried out the functions he was instructed by the army headquarters on our Neighborhood security.  What happened, Neighborhood security was a creation of law. We were not the first state that started this community policing. We took it from Lagos State. Police and DSS are not members of the board. Here, we included them  members of the board. In order to go far those that we employed were to be trained  by the security agency.  And so, during this period, they got approval to go to NYSC camp, government camp, federal government camp for training. They wrote to Nigerian Army to send instructors and they acknowledged, they wrote to police, they wrote to the DSS, then people were all there.  What happened, they sent the soldiers to chase everybody away that we are training militia. You train militia in government camp? You train militia by writing to the army to send instructors, you train militia by writing the DSS and police. No, the Brigadier General, he was very happy and when he invaded the camp. After completing the assignment, he has been sent to Kontagora. He is from Cross River State. When he was leaving, he wanted to see me I said no, I don’t see agents of satan.  Now look what happened in Edo State, the army were there, look at what happened in Kogi State. Come to Rivers State, which was a creation of law, then you came to say we are creating militia. The point we are saying,  they cannot deceive me.  So you are sitting here and you see a GOC who believes that he has a specific assignment.

Question:            Why do you come to that conclusion?

Answer:               Is not that I got to a conclusion. It’s very clear. First of all he ensured that by making sure that Neighborhood Watch  does not exist, that is the politics. Two, he came to a state where you have the headquarters and you don’t know that courtesy demands you must pay respect to the authority that I am the new GOC, I am here now. And you want to tell me that nothing is going on.

Question – Is it possible for Rivers State to have a peaceful elections.

Answer  – I have always say that INEC and Security are the cause of violence Rivers State. People say politicians are the ones causing trouble, which is not true. If I come to you for example to do what is unlawful, must you do it? I go to INEC and say INEC come and do this for me, are you under any obligation to do it?

Question – Assuming they do?

A- We Rivers people are always very peaceful, law abiding. The only time we have crisis is when we see the electoral umpire being biased and and the security operatives trying to manipulate the freedom of a political party which we will continue to resist.

Question  – Is it a political party or individual politicians within a party?

Answer  – APC are in power right, the security apparatus  is  working for them. For Instance, they called the IG and say there is no way as a government at the center, we cannot control one of the states in the south south . Therefore we are looking at Akwa-Ibom and Rivers State, make sure you work out the modalities. As a good IG, you will say sir, I have no role to play but my role is to make sure we protect people to vote. As a Governor some many people have come to me, why don’t you go have a deal with the Federal Government so that you will have your way smoothly . But why would I do? Must I be a Governor forever?

Question – Does the peace accord mean anything to your party?

Answer  – That is a a ceremony . I don’t like those ceremonies. All those things are mere public display.

Question:  You don’t dance to it?

Answer :  As an individual no. This Peace Accord doesn’t work. Truly if you want us to have non violent elections, those to sign the peace accord are INEC and security agencies because they are the ones that create the environment for  violence. If INEC doesn’t support APC and do their job for example, would there be crisis?

Question:  You believe that there is no sincerity of purpose from government to ensure that….

Answer:  Infact I was shocked and surprised that the President refused to sign the electoral act into law. I remember vividly in my matter when we went to court, the Supreme Court acknowledged  that the  card reader is an innovation and  it will help us to move to the next stage of our election process . But it is not backed up by law.  Therefore,  there is now need to amend the electoral act to bring this card reader that will in a way reduce the level of fraud . Now the legislature has come up with a law to authenticate  the card reader, you refused to sign it. A process that you said helped you to win election.

Question- He didn’t say that he’s opposed to the card reader

Answer: That the President has refused to sign the electoral act is purely to manipulate the 2019 election. All of us know. It is not about coming to television to tell me you will create a legacy of free and fair elections, when you have refused to sign what will enable us to have free and fair elections.

Question:  The President gave his reasons

Answer: With all due respect, it is not correct. The National Assembly corrected the electoral act after the presidency complained.  The second time, you complained that the National Assembly mixed up issues and the interpretations will be difficult. What is your business? That is why there is always an amendment.

Question:  But the Card Reader is there?

Answer:  It is not backed  by law. What is there is manual. The law said it is manual. All these things Mahmoud is saying is neither there nor here. INEC guideline cannot take the place of the law.

Question:  Why did you terminate the contract and concessions of Subsidiaries for Sahara Energy ?

Answer:  When will you do it that It will not be political? In 2015,  we set up a commission of inquiry, they came up with a white paper report and indicted the former Governor. He went to court, lost at the High court and Court of Appeal. He refused to file his brief at that Supreme Court and we filed that the Appeal should be struck out for onward prosecution and he went and filed his brief. The Attorney General said we should begin to implement the White paper because there is no stay for us not to implement the White paper then the Attorney General died. Having buried him,  we appointed a new Attorney General and he needs time to study it and having studied it he said we can go ahead and start implementing the white paper. So even if you do it after election, it will still be because the man contested against you.

Question:  But would you have done it if he wasn’t the candidate.

Answer:  Of course. Why would I set up a commission of inquiry with public funds without acting on it.  In that white paper even the candidate of the APC was indicted. 70% of the Gas Turbine built by former Governor Peter Odili was sold by the Former Governor, Rotimi Ameachi to the APC Candidate’s business group, Sahara. Olympia hotel owned by Rivers and Bayelsa State sold by the Former Governor. The whole of Abonnema Wharf, over 50 hectares Of land facing the water was sold to Sahara Energy.

Question:  They accused Senator Abe of working with you to frustrate the APC.

Answer:  I have never spoken on phone with Senator Abe. The last time I saw Abe was when the President came to commission the New Port Harcourt International Airport Terminal. We know the Minister. I have worked with him. When I was working with him, the bad person was me. So I left. Now it’s Abe. Is it me that told the minister that members of your party whom  you told to go and collect forms, pay to the bank and you deny them the forms after paying. Am I the one who said you should deny them the form after paying?  You create a problem for yourself, you turn around and say your working with someone else. Work with Abe to do what?

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