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By Simeon Nwakaudu
Despite Mr Austin Tam-George’s vain struggle to be noticed, we owe him a duty to keep him informed on the progress being made in Government.  We know that he is out for mischief, but we are obliged to correct him every step of the way.
Today, Tam-George wrote on predicted flood, the natural disaster  that has ravaged the entire country. As usual, he tried desperately to insult Governor Wike.
First, Tam-George described as scandalous, the request by Governor Wike for collaboration with the European Union Ambassadors  to improve on the sanitation process of Rivers State.  I believe  that Tam-George does not understand the technicalities involved in keeping  Nigeria’s second most important city neat. If he does, he wouldn’t talk ignorantly.
Already, Governor Wike has met with with all sanitation service providers in Port Harcourt and Obio/Akpor Local Government Areas. At that meeting, they worked out further strategies to clean up the city. If Tam-George has been visiting Port Harcourt lately, he would have noticed the improvements in the sanitation situation of the city. The improvement will continue. Partnership  with  International and Local Stakeholders will continue because Governor is interested in best practices.  He is a practical leader, who goes for results.
Tam-George cries everytime he remembers that Governor Wike met with all European Union Ambassadors in Nigeria.  He would have loved EU Ambassadors to meet governors from his failed political party, the APC.  But the EU Ambassadors  met with Governor Wike on the strength of  his outstanding performance and their belief in his capacity to deliver more quality pro-people projects.
Back to Tam-George’s talk on flooding. The Rivers State Government on August 15, 2019 took very concrete steps to mitigate  the impact of flooding in some parts of the state.
If Tam-George had taken off time to research, he wouldn’t have been writing on an issue comprehensively addressed.  The State Government met with NEMA, all the Local Government Councils, Permanent Secretaries of Focal  Ministries to tackle flooding and key security agencies for rapid response.
The Rivers State Government’s Emergency Response Arrangement put in place by Governor Wike was in response  to the prediction by the Natonal Emmergency Management Agency (NEMA) of flood around the State.

Based on the prediction by NEMA, the Wike Administration has ignited the flood response system in DEGEMA, ONELGA, Obio Akpor, Abua/Odua, Ahoada East, Ahoada West, Akuku Toru, Gokana, Opopo, Port Harcourt City, Bonny, Gokanna, Oyigbo and Etche Local Government Areas. Other Local Government Areas will also receive due attention  from the Rivers State Government.

The Rivers State Government under the leadership of Governor Wike at the last consultative meeting with Stakeholders declared that early proactive measures are necessary to minimize emergency situations from the flooding. The State Government stated that it will work with the Local Government Councils to ensure that residents of flood prone areas vacate before the floods take their toll.

The relevant Ministries: Environment, Health, Special Duties, Information and Office of the Secretary to the Rivers State Government have been programmed and mandated by the Rivers State Governor to work with  the affected Local Government Areas to tackle the predicted flood and mitigate the impact on Rivers people.

The Rivers State Government also worked with the Local Government  Councils to create  local emergency management committee structures .

NEMA was represented at the meeting convened by the Rivers State Government. NEMA Representative, Mr Egwu Damian assured the State Government of early Information sharing. He said the reason  for the reoccurring flooding in the State is due to its location by the bank of the Atlantic Ocean.

Contrary to the lies by the Former Information Commissioner, last year, the Rivers State Government worked with the Local Government Areas in the Orashi Region to set up Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Camps.  The IDPs were cared for in these camps.
The State Government and the respective councils embarked on sustained enlightenment programmes.

The Rivers State Government and other key stakeholders supplied relief materials to the displaced persons. At the  tail end, NEMA after engagements with the Rivers State Government also supplied relief materials.

So, Tam-George just repeated what has been reported in several newe outlets on the steps taken by the Rivers State Government  to contain the predicted floods in parts of the state. He pretends to be concerned, but flooding  should not be politicised.  Floods should not be used to seek attention.  Rather than fabricate on a weekly basis, Tam-George and his new political party should look for ways to resolve their internal crisis ahead of the 2023 general elections.

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