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Tam-George and his Janjaweed Epistle: The Worst Form of Hypocrisy 

By Simeon Nwakaudu
The last time I heard from Mr Austin Tam-George was when he wrote a misguided piece, “Tonye Cole And The Moment Of Epiphany”. At that time,  the failed APC Federal Government had promised them the use of the Nigerian Army to capture Rivers State and basking in the euphoria of an anticipated political rape, Austin Tam-George had penned down that unfortunate article.
Today, Tonye Cole serves as the Body Guard for Anthony Joshua in Ajegunle, whilst Tam-George is struggling to find his feet in the APC fast failing lying machine.
I reminded him at that time that Rivers people were firmly behind Governor Wike.  His new Oga, Tonye Cole could not even make it to the ballot, let alone contest that election.  Tam-George joined the Amaechi Rigging Mercenary Squad that teamed up with the AAC and the Nigerian Army.  Needless to say they were defeated despite  their deployment of extensive military machine against the good people of Rivers State.
This Evening, my attention was drawn to yet another misadventure by Mr Austin Tam-George in a piece he titled: “A GOVERNOR’S DIALOGUE WITH CHRIST”. Initially, I thought that Tam-George  ‘shared’ the press statement written against Governor Wike by the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC).  MURIC and other Muslim Groups led the attack on Governor Wike when he reiterated that Rivers  is a Christian State.
First, Tam-George has the courage to mock Christ in his offensive piece because Christians  are liberal minded.  He cannot do that with the other major religion in Nigeria.
Since Tam-George defected to the APC, he has lost his capacity for articulate  examination of issues. He has lost the strength  to stand in defence of Rivers State.  In his few engagements, he has struggled in vain  to please the Muslim Leaders of APC in his quest to gain placement in the Janjaweed APC Structure.
To Tam-George, Governor Wike committed a crime by stating the obvious.  Worldwide, Governor Wike is known as a man of truth. He is  not given to hypocrisy.  This is the main reason why Rivers people prefer him.
Rivers is a Christian State.  Same way that Sokoto, Zamfara, Jigawa, Katsina etc in the far north have declared themselves Muslim States. In terms of the population, over 98 percent of Rivers people are Christians.
Tam-George is unhappy that Governor Wike is committed to his Christian faith. He is unhappy that the Governor built an Ecumenical Centre with public funds. But the Federal Government has a National Mosque and a National Christian Centre funded with public  resources.  The Federal Government  funds Nigeria Christian Pilgrim Commission and National Hajj Commission. This level of hypocrisy is one of the fundamental reasons why Rivers people continue to reject  the APC.

Whilst a Commissioner under Governor Wike, Tam-George  announced the flag off of the Rivers State Ecumenical Centre, which he now finds offensive because he has defected to the APC.  Governor Wike flagged off the construction of the Ecumenical Centre and Port Harcourt Pleasure Park on same day. They are both iconic structures in Rivers State.

Tam-George raised the issue of unemployment in his piece. Right from his first term, Governor Wike has committed himself to the creation of employment opportunities. His countless projects created thousands of jobs across the 23 Local Government Areas. Now in his second term, Governor Wike has opened up employment opportunities in the civil service, schools and other government departments. In a similar vein, the Rivers State Government handed out interest free loans to young entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

I was surprised  that Tam-George had the courage to talk about insecurity in Rivers State.  Rivers State is one of the safest places in Nigeria today.  The entire North West, North East and North Central have collapsed in the worst wave of insecurity in the history of the country.  The South-West where Tam-George resides has been hijacked by Herdsmen and Bandits . They rob and kidnap with carefree abandon.  Rivers State has its own security challenges, but it remains  one of the safest places due to the innovative and proactive approach of Governor Wike.

In an article titled: “Governor Wike’s Finest Hour” on October 10, 2016, Tam-George  had this to say about Wike’s courage and commitment  to social good.

“Governor Wike’s courageous insistence on the supremacy of the law, even as he was physically assaulted by men of the DSS, is his finest service to Nigeria.The governor’s historic intervention reminds us of the sacrifice every Nigerian must now be prepared to make, as we challenge the tyranny and anarchy that loom over our nation”.

In an interview with Pulse on August 18, 2016, Tam-George as then Rivers State Commissioner of Information articulated the Wike’s security prowess.

Tam-George said: “As a principle, Governor Wike supports and works closely and respectfully with all security agencies. All he wants is for the security agencies to be insulated from partisan politics, so that they could focus on their jobs. That is his point. Police and other security personnel posted to serve in Rivers State should fight crime and help maintain the peace.  We welcome and will support anyone posted to Rivers State. We only ask that they conduct their work professionally. This is the governor’s point. He will continue his unflinching support to the police and all security institutions in the State”.

Today, sports is one of the highest employers of labour across the globe. International Football is a key avenue of empowering youths. The establishment  of Real Madrid Football Academy is aimed at creating  future international football stars.  This Football Institution has the support and blessing of Real Madrid Football Club.  It is embarrassing that Tam-George attempted to  berate the creation of this important school.  But when you remember that Tam-George has joined the APC, then you will eagerly forgive him.  In the APC, the norm is under-development.  Tam-George captured it well while he was still on the positive side.

On September 25, 2016, Tam-George wrote: “The APC leaders in Rivers State seem to be more interested in their shiny hats and cosmetic bags at media briefings. Hardly would you hear them engage in a meaningful debate on  how to put the state on a sustainable trajectory of growth “.

In mentioning the meeting that Governor Wike had with ambassadors of European Union in Abuja, Tam-George suffered amnesia.  He forgot that Rivers State Governor and the Heads of Mission agreed on a partnership in the area of commercial agriculture with the objective of employment generation. This opening created for Rivers State by the European Union was principally in response  to the outstanding performance of Governor Wike and his grassroots support base.

It is rather disheartening that Tam-George decided to dance on the graves of those killed during the Pipeline Explosion at Kom Kom in Oyigbo Local Government Area.  For the avoidance of doubt, the Rivers State Government , the PDP and all key stakeholders have worked together  to address the situation.

The Government House through the Office of the Deputy Governor, the State Ministry of Environment, the Oyigbo Local Government Council, Senator Representing Rivers South-East (PDP), the House of Representatives Member, Representing Tai/Eleme/Oyigbo  Federal Constituency (PDP)  and the PDP Leadership in the area directly intervened and alleviated the pains of victims.  All stakeholders are working  to ensure a closure.

The Rivers State Government in a meeting  with  the Senate AdHoc Committee on Pipe Line Explosion in Kom Kom, Oyigbo Local Government Area of Rivers State hoped that recommendations  of the committee would ensure that such tragedies  don’t happen again.  This committee was set up by the Senate Leadership after a motion by the Senator Representing Rivers South East Senatorial District.

The Rivers State under Governor Wike that Tam-George described to Pulse in his interview on August 18, 2016 has grown better.

Hear Tam-George in that interview: “Governor Wike has brought Rivers State back on its feet again. There is an impressive momentum of development everywhere you turn. The government is re-vitalising the State through the provision of critical infrastructure. Roads that were abandoned for decades and were impassable in many places have been completely re-constructed. Over 180 km of roads across the State have been completed in one of the most challenging terrains for constructions. The Governor is implementing a massive urban renewal plan, and the construction of roads and bridges form the centrepiece of this plan. Even street lights and road traffic lights are being restored on all major roads. This has given Port Harcourt a more functional and liveable outlook” .

The above statement by  Tam-George  was made when he was still in control of the facts of the pro-Rivers struggle. It is a summation of the reality on ground in today’s Rivers State.  It was for this reason that Rivers people stood with Governor Wike during the invasion of the AAC/APC/ARMY Alliance.  It was for this reason that unarmed women, youths and elders stood their ground  to insist on their mandate being respected.

Tam-George hates the declaration that Rivers is a Christian State, but he posited that there are over 5000 Churches in the state. This is the ugly form of hypocrisy  that has led to the destruction of Nigeria by the APC.  They talk from all sides of their mouth.  These Churches that Tam-George mocked stood firm for Governor Wike.  They refused to allow  the Janjaweed elements kidnap Rivers State. As a Godfearing Christian, Governor Wike will never be intimidated by these Janjaweed elements into forgetting that Rivers is a Christian State.

The more these Janjaweed fighters cry, the more the declaration will be made. The more these Janjaweed fighters attempt to play the Ostrich, the more the Church of Christ will prevail.  The Federal Government continues to promote RUGA, Cattle Colonies and other issues that promote a particular divide, all Tam-George  can do at this time of National Despondency is to display  the worst form of hypocrisy.

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