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Struggle to conceal the Message: The APC Failed Strategy at Chatham House 

By Simeon Nwakaudu
I got  to know the fraudulent  practice of Sahara Reporters first hand as events heated up towards the 2015 general  elections.
Immediate Past Rivers State Governor, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, a principal sponsor of Sahara Reporters had led the invasion of the Rivers State House of Assembly, with his security details aiding indicted Former Rivers State Majority Leader, Chidi Lloyd  in a case of attempted murder. These brutal politicians damaged the skull of a PDP Legislator, Michael Chinda. This innocent man was flown abroad to receive treatment  in a London hospital.
Barrister Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, then Minister of State for Education led other PDP  leaders  to pay him a get-well visit. I was on that delegation.  I did a statement with relevant photographs.  Later that evening, Sahara Reporters acting on the instructions of Amaechi claimed that Barrister Wike used Government money to travel to UK. They refused to report the event. I wrote a mail to them, inquiring if a Minister and other leaders could not  afford  the air-fare to London. Needless to say they never replied.  Sahara Reporters thrives in the diabolical misrepresentation of facts to promote the anti-people interests of their sponsors.
Governor Wike’s Presentation at Chatham House was aired live on social media networks. The interactive session that followed  including his response  to the  issues raised by the representative of the students on scholarship were aired live.
The engagement with the students outside Chatham House  was also transmitted live by one of the students. Every exchange  is in the public domain. But trust the APC megaphone, they refused to report the presentation or the assurances  of the  Governor to the students. Instead, they cooked up a caption in line with the paid  request of their sponsor, Rotimi Amaechi.
The mischief of the APC Controlled Sahara Reporters is part of the strategy of the failed political  party to distort Governor Wike’s message at the Chatham House.  Unfortunately for them, this approach has failed.
The message is out in the International domain. Governor Wike drew the attention of the world to the illegal activities of the  APC Federal Government aimed at truncating democracy and crippling the rule of law.
He drew attention of the world to the deliberate politicization of security and INEC for the purpose  of stagnating  the development process and generating insecurity  in the Niger Delta.  He exposed the fraud called the APC, which funds Sahara Reporters. The Rivers State Governor outlined his numerous achievements, despite the challenges of economic downturn.  He laid out steps to sustain these achievements.
Nobody expects Sahara Reporters  to be fair. The medium was conceived  in the deep waters of social deceit and monumental fraud. Today, Governor Wike is addressing infrastructural deficiencies  in Rivers State because  Amaechi used the funds to line the  pockets of the likes of Sahara Reporters proprietors  and other APC Stakeholders.
Sahara Reporters were in the forefront of the deception that sold APC to Nigerians.  Today, rather than apologise  to Nigerians,  they are busy spinning more lies without conscience.
For the avoidance of doubt, on foreign scholarships, Governor Wike reiterated that the State Government will pay for final year students in critical science courses, while those studying arts courses were advised to return to Nigeria with the Rivers State Government footing their bills.
This was the same message that he relayed to the few students who met him outside in company of other Rivers indigenes. He simply referred them to his position when their leader spoke inside and admonished them against being unruly.
The APC even went a step further by engaging in photoshop of pictures that super-imposed youths who were nowhere close  to the Chatham House.  The videos released by the same APC never showed more than  a single placard. On that placard , the few students  requested  for a minute from the governor.  The governor gave  them the deserved attention as a leader.
It must be stated that the Governor has paid about N1.5billion for the foreign scholarships  since he took over. Amaechi’s administration  despite receiving over N3trillion  as revenue  left this liability with debts in the region of several billions as admitted  by the representative of the students.
Rivers people in 2015 saw through the lies of Sahara Reporters and the APC. If anything, they have been vindicated. The APC is a personification of lies, fraud, lack of capacity and hatred for development.  These are charlatans who deride development, hate pro-people leaders and delight  in seeing the people suffer.
The repeated onslaught on Governor Wike by the APC Media Wing is an agenda that is dead on arrival. Governor Wike is a target because he is a major pillar of PDP.
Where in Nigeria is APC  prompting  the interest of the people? Where in Nigeria  does APC stand for the truth? Is there anyone in Nigeria who does  not know that Sahara Reporters is APC’S  weapon for mass destruction of truth?
APC’s deployment of Sahara Reporters and other discredited media trumpeters to the Chatham House has failed woefully.  Governor Wike is like the proverbial dried meat. As you chew, his coast expands. He cannot be contained  via false propaganda, deceit and innuendos.
As Sahara Reporters and APC weep over Governor Wike’s outstanding presentation at the Chatham House, they must be highly disturbed that the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Paul Akwright joined other diplomats  to listen to Nigeria’s Political Conscience.
A message for the principal sponsor of Sahara Reporters, Mr Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi from Governor Wike:
“Although successive governments tried to move it forward, the eight years of the immediate past government were the most regrettable in the State’s history as there were no tangible achievements to justify the huge resources that accrued to the State during the period of unprecedented oil boom. In stead, so much public money was either siphoned into private pockets or wasted on bogus and unsustainable projects”.
Though these guys have no conscience.  The above is food for thought.
AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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  2. Bliss Lowo Sejlo


    Wike Is a Disgraceful, Pathological Liar ~Dakuku Peterside

    Governor Nyesom Wike has been described as a “disgraceful and pathological liar” whose sense of “decency, respect and posterity” has been blighted by an inferiority complex and low mentality.

    Dr Peterside stated this at a media chat with journalists in Abuja in response to statements credited to Governor Nyesom Wike, who while delivering a lecture at Chatham House in London, claimed that his predecessor, Chibuike Amaechi did nothing tangible for eight years.

    According to him, “the statement credited to Wike is shocking, absurd and an irresponsible way of demeaning the outstanding achievements of Amaechi,” who he says embarked on one of the greatest turnarounds in Rivers history.

    Peterside, who is the Director-General of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), lamented that Wike is such a weak man of history that he failed to recall Amaechi had spoken at the Chatham in 2013, where the former governor reeled out unquestionable achievements, including the sending of hundreds of Rivers students to some of the best schools in the United Kingdom.

    The NIMASA DG, who was also the commissioner for works under Amaechi from 2007-2011, wondered why Wike could lie before his audience by not telling them that he was the chief of staff to the former governor for four years.

    “What more could have been shameful to Wike as students sent abroad by Amaechi protested non-payment of their school fees at the Chatham House. If Amaechi did nothing, how come he sent Rivers students overseas, with many having graduated from different countries?

    “While the governor was disgracing himself in London, he failed to tell his audience that Rivers people have not seen their state’s budget for two years, neither do they know the value of projects awarded by Wike to his cronies.

    “Under Amaechi, Rivers won accolades in practically in every sector, from education to roads, power to health, security to agriculture, among several other policies and programmes that have affected generations and made the state better.

    “The most prominent roads in Nyesom Wike’s village were built during the Amaechi’s administration. The same government built model primary schools and health centres in Wike village. Indigenes of his town were employed, empowered and supported in many ways.

    “In just one day, Amaechi employed over 13,000 teachers, in addition to engaging over 400 doctors, building more than 500 model primary schools and over 200 primary health centres, yet a man in his right senses will say the former governor did nothing,” he enthused.

    Dr Peterside stressed further that Wike’s embarrassing outing at Chatham House has exposed the governor as a man, who “revels in cheap popularity, dwells in mediocrity and thrives on falsehood,” pointing out that in 2019, Rivers people will speak with one voice and “end this show of shame.”

    DAP Media Team

    November 7, 2017

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