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Rivers State Foreign Students Brouhaha And The Limit Of Cleaning Amaechi’s Mess

When Gov Nyesom Wike assumed office in 2015 he met a state with a closed down legislature and a judiciary under lock and key, he met abandoned projects scattered allover the state, he met workers being owed 4 months salary, he met pensioners crying for their entitlements, he met Sharks and Dolphins football clubs players being owed 8 months salary, he met stranded Rivers foreign students that tuition fees have not been paid for more than a year, he met refuse everywhere in Port Harcourt because Amaechi failed to pay refuse contractors their money which ran into hundreds of millions. Wike met an empty government house and a state with N17bn debt (according to Amaechi)
Wike met Rivers State in such a state of comatose not necessarily because Amaechi was a disaster for 8 years, in all honesty, Amaechi did relatively well in his first tenure, but he became a calamity in his second tenure, government and development came to a halt the moment he defected to APC, he stopped using Rivers money for the betterment of Rivers State, he emptied the state treasury to sponsor Muhammadu Buhari’s campaign.
Wike saw all these things and said he wasn’t elected to complain but to work, the first thing he did was to open the court, the state house of assembly was opened too, he paid refuse contractors, he completed all the abandoned road projects. He cleared the several months workers salary arrears and made workers salary government’s priority, that is why Rivers State is among the few states not owing workers today. The governor settled Sharks and Dolphins players, Wike dedicated major part of his first year in office to cleaning Amaechi’s mess.
Even Amaechi’s loudmouthed and unreasonable supporters know that Amaechi wouldn’t have touched those roads if it was him who succeeded Wike and met those abandoned projects. It is because of Amaechi’s vindictive tendency that made him abandon the projects he inherited from Odili and Omehia like RSUST law faculty building, Port Harcourt Shopping Mall to mention but a few. They think we have forgotten how Amaechi snubbed Rivers students Odili sent to Malaysia to study, he left them stranded and started his own foreign scholarship program that has become an issue today.
When Wike saw that some Rivers students are stranded in UK because his predecessor refused to pay their tuition fees, he told them that those studying Engineering, Medicine and other science related courses will be taken care of, but those studying arts related courses should come back home to continue and the government will sponsor them because there is no money, I heard he released $1m to offset their tuition fees, though I don’t know if that will be enough, but I think he should be lauded considering the fact that he has graciously cleaned more than 90% of Amaechi’s mess, he also has his own campaign pledges to fulfill to Rivers people who elected him, he can’t spend four years correcting Amaechi’s colossal mistakes, let us be reasonable please
written by Calito Felipe
AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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