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On the defection of G7 Governors and nPDP to APC, Roz Ben-Okagbue wrote:

The plot thickens. Unable to reconcile with the PDP, the G7 governors aka nPDP have joined the APC who received them with open arms. It’s an interesting move with all sorts of implications. For starters it marks the end of APC’s claim that they are a progressive party which will introduce change into the system. What change will they introduce with 7 PDP governors who left largely because (1) they wanted a guarantee that the present administration will not probe them when they leave office and (2) they want power to shift to the North because they feel it’s their turn next.

Personally I can’t identify with any of their demands. It cannot be in the interest of the people that they are exempt from probe and as for power shifting to the North as a matter of right, that does not work for me either. What about power shifting to the South East? Are we discussing that? I don’t agree with this idea that power must shift to any particular zone. Bring out good sound candidates and let that be the basis for our choice.

What does all this mean for 2015 though? Where does that leave PDP and Jonathan in the next elections? Can they drum up the support they require to retain the presidential seat? One thing is clear, with the main opposition gone, GJ will get the PDP ticket. But can he secure the votes? How much control will the incumbent governors have over their states bearing in mind that they are mostly second term governors? Can they prevent GJ from winning?

When the chips are down, will the South West governors support their Northern counterparts in APC to ensure that a Northern president is elected or will they sell out again like they did in 2011? Will the North divide themselves along religious lines or will they present a united front? Will Jega get his act together or are we to expect more of the Anambra “fiasco” on a national scale? Can APC convince the populace that they have more to offer?

Whatever happens 2015 will be a crucial defining period for us as a nation. Much will happen before then. There will be many probes and a few of the G7 may even lose their seats “Alams” style well before the elections. GEJ will have the fight of his life no doubt but he could still win. We will all have to take a position one way or the other. Where will you stand?

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