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Nigeria will not collapse, just like my marriage did not collapse Tony Momoh

The Lord be praised. Forty-five years ago today April 24 I got married to a young girl of 22, Miss Janet Rabbi Zibiri Aliu. I myself would be 30 in a few days, on April 27. Two years earlier when I had gone to her in Bariga Lagos to express my wish to be married to her she had told me she was not interested, that it was crude of a man to just go to a girl and say ‘i want you to be my wife’. So on that April 24, Forty-five years ago when she was brought to my apartment on Ishaga Road, Surulere, Lagos, she wept when I whispered into her ear, here you are. There have been a few disagreements along the way, but the journey to today defied predictions by some of her relatives that the marriage would not last two years and that if it did, it would pack up after two children. I told her then, ‘you will be my wife, you will have four children, the first will be a boy, the second a boy, the third a girl and the fourth a boy.’ The prediction was fulfilled in ten years, between 1970 and 1980. Human beings are not in charge of the affairs of men. God is and should be allowed into our lives to take charge. It is in the same light that I celebrate Nigeria on April 27, the day I clock 75 with the release of To Save Nigeria Let’s Talk. In there, I speak of how we can decongest the political space, restructure Nigeria and help the fulfilment of a dream that Nigeria does not only have a future but a mission. Welcome to a Nigeria that will be a world power anchored on spiritual recognitions within the next 25 years. It will not collapse, just as my marriage did not collapse, greetings.

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