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Jonathan lacks capacity to deliver, says Kwankwaso

Kano State Governor Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso spoke yesterday on the state of the nation, saying the ship was drifting.

In his view, President Goodluck Jonathan lacks the competence, capacity and guts to run Nigeria.

Kwankwaso, who spoke in Kano during a meeting with the leadership of Northern Elders Forum at the Government House, said despite the advice and observations of respected leaders from within and outside the country on how to put Nigeria on the right track, the Presidency has remained insensitive.

The governor said: “When we met with the President, as northern governors, he told us that the former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, told him that as President he has to look at the issue of the North very critically. She noted that there was an imbalance in terms of patronage, appointments and sharing of resources.

“He assured that he was looking at those comments and that was why he was delaying appointments into boards and so on. Since that meeting, we have not seen anything or changes. So, it is my conclusion that the President lacks the capacity and courage to do the right thing.”

He said the federal budget is heavily tilted in favour of one section of the country, pointing out that a situation where one section is suffering from illiteracy, underdevelopment and misery, while the other section has more than enough is not good for national unity.

To Kwankwaso, a situation whereby a section of the country is given priority over other areas is not in the best interest of all. He stressed that it is high time the Federal Government became sensitive to the feelings of the international community.

“We have had enough crises in this country and it is not right to plant seeds for crisis in the future. Look at the Northeast that was allocated N2 billion in the current budget. N2 billion is what Mr. President allocated to non-APC states for supporting him while N111 billion was allocated to the Southeast and Southsouth. This is not close to fairness,” the governor argued.

Kwankwaso stressed that his position on national issues is not premised on religion, ethnicity or sectionalism, but stems from the desire to see that every Nigerian, irrespective of where he comes from, is treated without discrimination. He urged members of the National Assembly to come out and oppose the injustice perpetrated by the government.

The governor noted that the poverty, insecurity and joblessness in the North should not be. He urged the Federal Government to listen to the voice of reason to move the country in the right direction.

Commenting on the Northern Elders Forum, Kwankwaso said he and its members are like minds that are not sleeping comfortably because things are not moving well in the country.

He pledged to continue to work with all people of good conscience to bring about good governance in Nigeria.

Earlier, in the remarks, the Chairman of the forum, Alhaji Yusuf Maitama Sule, Danmasanin Kano and his deputy, Wanteregh Paul Unongo, said they were not comfortable with political developments in the country, especially as they affect the North.

They said the visit to Kwankwaso was to identify with his achievements and sterling leadership qualities, as well as to look at several issues that will bring about responsible governance, unity and even development of the country.

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