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Jonathan Gives Presidential Committee 3-months To Proffer Solutions To BH Insurgence

President Goodluck Jonathan inaugurated the presidential committee on peaceful resolution of security challenges in the northern part of Nigeria on Wednesday in Abuja.
He mandated it to proffer solutions to the Boko-Haram insurgence in three months, and asked the members to use their wealth of experience in finding lasting solution to menace.
Also on Wednesday, the president inaugurated a 17-member committee on proliferation of small arms and light weapons.
“The second committee that I am also inaugurating that has to do with dialogue and peaceful resolution of security challenges in the north is quite critical.
“All Nigerians are expecting this committee to perform magic and we pray that Allah should give you the wisdom to do so.
“Because without peace we cannot develop no matter how committed we are; without peace we cannot progress as a nation.
“The Federal Government is ready to work with you and any other organisation to make sure that these excesses of Boko Haram is brought to an end.
“So that as a nation we should face issues of development not issues of conflict, issues of peace not issues of disaster.’’
The president said the committee should establish a link and open up dialogue with members of the Boko Haram and also develop a framework for their disarmament.
He said the committee should also work out a sustainable option that would lead to the granting of amnesty to the group.
The president added that the committee should develop a comprehensive support programme for the victims of the excesses of the group.
He said the committee should suggest ways to address the underlining causes of the crisis to ensure that the country did not face similar trend in the future.
President Jonathan seized the opportunity of the inauguration to charge security agencies, particularly the military Joint Task Force to avoid civilian casualties in their operations.
He reiterated the fact that the reported mass killing in Baga, Borno, was being investigated, adding that government would take appropriate steps to sanction any official found culpable.
“Let me use this opportunity to also charge the security agencies that while doing your work, you must also be mindful of the citizens of this country.
“In attempting to bring peace to the country or any part of the country, we should do so in a manner that will not bring destruction to the third party.
“The issues that affect some parts of Borno State that is in the media today is being investigated and we have tell Nigerians and indeed the international community that government will take steps to make sure that if errors were made, such people are cautioned and treated in line with our laws and regulations.’’
The president re-assured of his administration’s commitment to address the security challenges and bring development to the country.
He called on every Nigerian to show patriotism to the nation and assist the committee by offering useful information that would assist the members to succeed.
Jonathan said that the setting up of the other committee was in keeping with his pledge that Nigeria would work with the UN and other countries to stem the proliferation of small arms and light weapons.
He said the proliferation of small arms and light weapon was threatening security and stability in Nigeria and in other developing nations.
“Continental cross-border proliferation of arms is not only a threat to our nation’s security and stability it has also fuelled conflicts in different parts of Africa.
“The small arms and light weapons committee should establish links and cooperation with similar institutions and other agencies that can help to build capacity, enhance information sharing and develop multi-level international support relationship as well as strengthen regional cooperation,’’ he said.
The president called on the UN to evolve a comprehensive approach to the control of small arms and light weapons noting that the effects in Africa is worse than the effect of nuclear weapons.
Jonathan thanked the members of the two committees for accepting to serve even when many of them were not contacted before they were made members.
The Chairman, Committee on Dialogue and Peaceful Resolution of Security Challenges in the North and Minister of Special Duties, Alhaji Tanimu Turaki, thanked the president for the opportunity given to members to serve.
He said the step taken by the president was a testimony of genuine desire to bring security challenges in the country to an end.
“The inauguration of our committee this morning has provided a veritable platform for genuine and sincere resolution of the crisis situation in the north.
“I assure you that members of this committee are prepared to bring everything that we have, our diverse experiences, our education, professionalism, tactics, skills and above all our integrity to bear in the work of this committee.’’
Speaking in the same vein, the Chairman of the Committee on Small Arms and Light Weapons, Mr Emmanuel Imokhe, expressed appreciation to the president for his firm and unwavering commitment to addressing the challenges to peace and security in the country.
“It is axiomatic to say that development cannot take place in an environment that is characterised by lack of security.
“Easy access to small arms and light weapons create insecurity which in turn impede growth and development in several countries within our neigbourhood.
“It follows therefore that if we seek to tackle the problem of insecurity, we must first seek to deal with the issue of easy access to small arms and light weapons.
“I wish to emphasis that the committee shares the president’s vision regarding the emplacement of internal peace and security that will allow the transformation agenda of this administration to flourish.
“I wish to assure Mr. President that the committee will work in accordance with its mandate tirelessly and round the clock.’’
Imokhe assured the president that the committee would work in accordance with its mandate and proffer policies to addressing the challenges posed by small arms and light weapons proliferation.

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