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It is Unfortunate that Oshiomhole attempted to arrogate the Powers of the Supreme Court to himself

……excerpts of comments by Rivers State Governor,  Nyesom Ezenwo Wike on Oshiomhole’s outburst on Bayelsa Supreme Court Judgment

It is most unfortunate,I have also read it what Oshiomhole is doing is to  secure his position because most leaders and the governors of the party, under the umbrella of the APC do not want him.

So, he will want to make a statement to give   him that opportunity to claim that he is working for the Party.
I have always said that the unity of this nation,the stability of this country must be sustained.  Therefore,  we have  to be very careful.
He has been making statements as if he owns this country .  The way he has been carrying on in Edo state,  he should be very careful.
He believes that he has government to provide him with all he needed to cause crises in the Niger Delta and I think that is not the right thing.
 The Supreme Court,  the highest court of the land has made a pronouncement.  You cannot for whatever reason come out to say nobody would be sworn in. You are arrogating the powers of the Supreme Court to yourself.
The last time I met him and I said one thing I dislike in people, is when they say one thing and they do a different thing. I told him you came to tell us that leaders should practice what they preach and I know you,you are one of the worst union leaders.
 You were wearing khaki and the rest and what you are wearing today is a different thing.  It is not fair. We are not Obaseki. Today you said you don’t believe in godfather, tomorrow you want to be a godfather.
Supreme Court made a pronouncement who is he to determine what happens? The court has made the pronouncement. It is sad that Oshiomhole  would   come out and say no.
What I will not take is for him to say that  he has the power to stop anything. The Federal Government should warn him to stop making remarks that will distablise Nigeria.
Look at what he is doing  in Edo State, fighting Obaseki , wanting to be the godfather and then see what is happening in Edo State.
We must warn ourselves as leaders that  we must not make remarks that will cause crises in Nigeria
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