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Boko Haram: Western Media Misleading The World – Adefuye

Nigeria’s ambassador to the United States Professor Adebowale Adefuye on Thursday said that the western media were misleading the world with false and unfair reports about the security condition in Nigeria.

Testifying before the United States Congress during a panel hearing tagged “Instability In Northern Nigeria and Ongoing Threat of Boko Haram” at the Cannon Congress Building in Washington, DC, Ambassador Adefuye noted that the western media were blowing the situation out of proportion. He pressed further that the federal government of Nigeria had been very unfairly treated by the foreign media.

Saying that Nigeria believed in the freedom of the press, the Nigerian envoy noted that this did not mean that the western media should hide under the indulgence to create an atmosphere that was making the entire world believe that Nigeria was totally unsafe.

He said: “All the reports from the foreign media are very untrue and unfair to the Nigerian government, and, for this reason, I challenge everybody here to go to Nigeria and you will discover that the situation is not as bad as portrayed by the international media organizations. The Chibok girls are there and we have located where they are, and we shall get them out very soon. I must say that we are making progress in our search and rescue mission.

“The western media are misinforming the world that the entire Nigeria is unsafe but I have to say it clearly that it is only three states out of the 36 in the entire federation that are experiencing Boko Haram’s attacks. How can you say that the entire United States is unsafe when you only have crisis in just three states?

“There is a domestic factor in the issue of Boko Haram and Chibok kidnapping. We are having our elections next year and some people have been saying that they will create problems in the country if power goes to President Goodluck Jonathan again. These people are very happy each time there is an attack on innocent Nigerians. They are enjoying the crisis because it is embarrassing the federal government but we are trying our best to ensure an end to the whole thing.”

Adefuye also made it known that most of the suicide bombers that had been arrested in Nigeria so far were not Nigerians but foreigners, stressing that he could not imagine any Nigerian killing himself for no just cause. He however challenged everybody to mention what ought to have been done that the Nigerian government had not done to ensure the release of the over 270 kidnapped Chibok students.

Also speaking at the event which was moderated by Ambassador Robin Sanders, a former US ambassador to Nigeria, the representative of the Department of State, Ambassador Robert Jackson, said that the United States government understood that the federal government had been doing all that were supposed to be done to tackle insurgency and to as well rescue the kidnapped Chibok students.

Promising that the US would not relent in its efforts to create further support for the Nigerian government in its rescue mission, Ambassador Jackson urged the federal government to initiate a move to quickly prosecute those that had been arrested in connection with Boko Haram’s attack in the north-east so as to serve as a deterrent to other perpetrators.

Stating that the government must intensify its efforts so that current insurgence would not have negative effects on the forthcoming 2015 general elections, the US officials urged Nigerians to come together and give their support to the government as their support was very critical towards ending insurgence in the country at this stage.

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