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Atiku/Buhari Election Tribunal. Final Address: SUMMARY. Buhari With Less Than 10% Chances Retaining Seat.  

1] Buhari’s own witnesses under cross-examination admitted to the fact that Buhari did not possess a school certificate.
2] Buhari may have attended primary school, Secondary school and Military, but pass no exam and have no certificate.
3] Buhari’s lawyer failed to prove that his ability to speak and write in the English language and presenting pictures taken in a school environment does not constitute or represent a certificate as required by the Constitution and Electoral Act; nor is it known to any law.
4] The Cambridge University certificate tendered by Buhari before the tribunal, was whittled down as a bogus document and disowned by Buhari’s own witnesses.
5] The Cambridge University documents:  A comparison of the bogus Cambridge Assessment International Education Certifying Statement of the purported West African Examination Council (WAEC) certificate and a certified true copy of the purported confidential result sheet of the University of Cambridge West African School Certificate of 1961 for the Provincial Secondary School, Katsina reveals many discrepancies in the suppose result.
5a) One listed 8 subjects that the candidate therein mentioned one ‘Mohamed Buhari’ allegedly sat for.
5b) The other has 6 subjects, both documents are therefore unreliable as both cannot be correct. The contradiction must count against the 2nd respondent”.
6] The false claim by Buhari, that Buhari attended, Elementary School, Daura and Mai Aduwa 1948-52. Elementary School Daura is totally different from Mai Aduwa, their locations are totally different.
6a) Buhari also claimed he entered Middle School Katsina in 1953, however, Atiku’s lawyers submitted that by 1953, the Middle School system had been abolished in the northern region of Nigeria.
7] Buhari failed woefully to prove the claim that his certificate is with Military board, the petitioners successfully proved that the Nigerian Army had denied being in possession of Buhari’s alleged certificates.
7a) One of the strongest evidence on the issue was given by the second respondent’s own witness, RW1, General Paul Tafa, (Rtd), who under cross-examination by the 1st respondent (INEC), told the court firmly and unequivocally that the Army did not collect the certificates of military Officers and added, ‘there was no such thing”.
Rigging and Non-compliance with the Electoral Act.
1] Atiku’s lawyers presented catalogues of evidence and witnesses called to show to the tribunal that Buhari’s election was invalid.
2] The analysis of results from 11 states showed how INEC in connivance with Buhari and the APC wrongly and unlawfully credited Buhari with votes not valid or lawful.
3] Documents tendered before the tribunal showed huge discrepancies between collated results as contained in the tendered Certified True Copies of forms EC8A and polling units.
4] A total of 2,906,384 votes were cancelled across the country, while 2,698,773 Nigerians were disenfranchised.
4aThe two figures when added exceeded the 3, 928,869 differential between the votes as stated in INEC form EC8E.
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