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Texting against masturbation education in France

After an anonymous text message caused some children to miss school, French Education Minister Vincent Peillon ordered principals to summon their parents. The message, sent to thousands, called for a boycott to combat the teaching of “gender theory”.  The message said:

“They will teach our children that they are not born boy or girl but can choose their gender later in life. Not to mention that sex education which will be introduced in kindergartens from September 2014 including discussion of masturbation…”

Around 100 primary schools across the country reported absent pupils. French media attributed the message to the protest movement Journée de retrait de l’école (“Day of withdrawal from school”) or JRE, which asks parents to remove their kids from school one day every month to protest gender education. JRE was launched and promoted online by filmmaker Farida Belghoul, who is associated with the far-right National Front

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