Wednesday , 13 November 2019
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On APC and Boko Haram

David  Obasi wrote   APC made a shocking statement yesterday, they accused PDP of training and preparing an ‘Abubakar shekau’ to show to Nigerians. Seriously, it’s only desperate people that makes such statements, they were campaigning with insecurity, now it’s …

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Nyerere Anyim’s Plan For Abia

Only a handful of past Nigerian generational leaders identified themselves with the universal notion that education is the foremost answer to the problems of mankind. Some of these leaders, who held positions in governance, intentionally allocated higher public funds to …

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Between two bad choices, I still won’t vote Buhari

Olu Adekanola The atmosphere of the upcoming elections all over the country is so tense, dire and ecstatic that Nigerians are becoming increasingly anxious and strangely pessimistic and optimistic as the case may be. From Sapele to Sokoto, Argungu to …

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Ahaoma Kanu posted

‘HOW TO BE AN APC MEMBER OR FAN 1. Create lies; 2. Attack and insult violently when facts are presented; 3.Scream “Sai Buhari” if faced with superior argument. 4. Lose your sense of rationality and logic. 5. Insult the president …

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Sameria Van Victor Jr. wrote;

LIES AND HYPOCRISY, WHERE IS GENERAL MOHAMMADU BUHARI? I just confirmed from Chatam House that Buhari is not scheduled to present any speech or whatsoever as claimed by the All Progressive Confidence. Nigerians can all confirm from the following Numbers …

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The Challenges Before Nigerian Military

By Taneemou al-Gambari The Nigerian military have in recent times been engaged, more than ever in the history of this country, in the muddy waters of Nigeria’s dirty politics. The military have as their statutory responsibility, protection of country’s territorial …

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