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Northern politician berate Jonathan

A prominent member of a northern group, Arewa Consultative Forum, Alhaji Mohammed Abdulrahman, has scored President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration low, saying he has allowed corruption to thrive in the country.


Abdulrahman in an interview with our correspondent stated that Jonathan was given an opportunity by all Nigerians to excel but claimed the President had failed to meet up with the people’s expectations.


The ACF leader noted, “If you look at President Goodluck Jonathan himself —the first president in Nigeria who was accorded enormous goodwill, who was given much expectation to succeed —he didn’t meet 50 per cent of the people’s expectation in terms of development.”


He added, “He has only succeeded in embedding corruption in the Nigerian people.


“For all I care, Ebola and corruption are the same. Ebola is now doing what corruption has already done to Nigeria; corruption has killed many people. And, we don’t respect each other again —same thing with life.”


Wondering why everything seems to be going wrong in the country under the watch of the president, Abdulrahman added that Jonathan had the opportunity to choose the right set of people to assist him in moving the nation forward but acted otherwise.


He added, “Jonathan had the right opportunity to choose the best people —people who were willing to make him the best president Nigeria ever had; but all that was scuttled.


“Certainly, Jonathan doesn’t have the amount of wisdom needed to navigate the country through good governance for the benefit of the people of Nigeria.”


Abdulrahman further accused the President of focusing more on other things than the progress of the country.


“He’s not thinking of Nigeria as a country that needs to survive. He’s not looking at the history and achievements of our founding fathers that steered the country to remain as one united nation.


“His government is only focused on how to get oil money and how to spend it. He’s not looking at other resources the country possesses,” he stated.

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