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Don’t shun voting in 2015, Accord urges electorates

The Accord Party in Oyo State has urged electorates not to stay away from voting in the 2015 elections due to the failure of elected public officers to obey their promises as contained in their party manifestoes.

The position was taken by the party at a public lecture organised by the Accord Youth Volunteer Network to mark 2014 Democracy Day, where Dr. Adenike Ogunshe of the University of Ibadan delivered a lecture titled, “Franchise and Voting: Road to 2015 Elections,” in Ibadan.

Ogunshe called on Nigerians not to allow the failure of the present political leaders to discourage them from taking part in the next general elections, saying that a survey carried out in Oyo State had shown that 90 per cent of the people that were questioned were willing to disenfranchise themselves because of the inability of elected officials to respect the promises they made before elections. The party warned that those who did not merit public positions would seize them if the electorates refused to elect credible people due to their loss of confidence in the voting process.


She said, “People should be careful not to fall for party manifestoes any longer as they are easily forgotten by those who promised them as soon as they get to power. Despite all the challenges, voting still remains the only acceptable means of electing officials in a democratic system and if the educated ones refuse to vote during elections, nuisance and miscreants will determine the electoral future for them after which it will be too late to make amends.”

A legal practitioner, Jide Olanipekun, who spoke on the role of Nigerian youths in a challenging nation, said politicians have always used the youths for their own selfish interest without thinking of the future of the country.

Olanipekun identified bad governance, corruption, economic related problems, insecurity, terrorism, unemployment, poverty, crime, lack of social amenities/infrastructures and political instability as some of the challenges facing Nigeria as a nation. He however called on the youths to rise above their present position by getting involved in decision processes capable of solving the nation’s problems.

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