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Buhari does not have capacity to build Nigeria of our dream—Obanikoro

Erstwhile Minister of State for Defence, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro has enjoined his supporters to work and win the forthcoming elections for President Goodluck Jonathan and the candidate of the PDP in Lagos, Mr. Jimi Agbaje.
He urged them to forget the pains of the past and move on with determined zeal to ensure victory for the party at all levels.
He also used the opportunity to plead with his supporters not just to ensure President Jonathan’s victory but also that of Jimi Agbaje.
His words: “Let me tell you one of the reasons why we initially agreed to go on. The presidential election is a must win for PDP and not just for PDP but for Nigeria. You all know I am a player at the national level, at the state level and at the local level. The presidential is a national issue and for the good of our country, President Jonathan must continue and PDP must win Lagos because it is extremely crucial to Mr. President.”
Speaking further, he said “so you and I will not rest until we have won. Let me also assure you today that Lagos is winnable but we have to be strategic about it. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. At your level and at our level, all of us must sit down and put on a thinking cap. Just don’t wait for instructions anymore. Get down to work now because election is won at the polling booths and not at the state or at the federal. So I cannot defend your polling booth for you. You must devise a means by which the party must win all the elections. So we want to be hearing from you henceforth about your polling units, your wards and every other issue that are crucial for us to win.”
He also urged them to collect their Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs) ahead of next year’s general elections.
He said “Before the end of next week, we shall create a call centre that will be manned by people from different ethnic groups to take your calls and complaints. Go and get your Permanent Voters Card and be prepared. No one lives in the past and succeed. The past is gone. Let us confront the future and to have a successful one, we must work for it.”
“When Buhari was in his 40’s, he couldn’t govern Nigeria. Buhari was Number 1, a Muslim, Idiagbon Number 2, a Muslim, Chief of Air Staff, Chief of Army Staff, a Muslim. They were all Muslims. We don’t want that kind of Nigeria anymore. We want a Nigeria where everyone will have a sense of belonging. We have seen it all and we know that Buhari does not have the capacity to build Nigeria of our dream.”
Obanikoro reminded them that they will be rewarded for their loyalty and hardwork and promised them to be committed to the project of ensuring victory for President Jonathan and Jimi Agbaje and all candidates of State House of Assembly, Senatorial and Federal House of Representatives”, he said.


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