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As expected, APC follows Tinubu, rejects National Conference

When Mr Bola Tinubu arrived from operating his injured knee abroad and announced his rejection of President Goodluck Jonathan’s National Conference, Nigerians knew the did was done. APC would follow suit.

The APC also said it would not participate in the National Conference when it holds.

While addressing journalists upon his return, Tinubu claimed he would consult his party, the APC. As expected, the party has towed Tinubu’s line.

On tuesday, APC declared its total rejection of the process of the National Conference already insituted.

The APC ratified Tinubu’s position at a meeting which had six of its governors in attendance.  The meeting took place in Abuja.

At the close of the meeting, the Interim National Publicity Secretary of the party, Alhaji Lai Mohammed as usual attacked President Jonathan, saying he lacked the integrity to conduct a national conference.

“What we see today is that this government has lost focus, it has lost credibility, it has lost control of the economy, security, corruption has attained uncontrollable proportion and at this point in time, this government lacks the credibility to organise a real meaningful national conference.

“In any event, we see this thing as nothing but a diversion and what are we talking about a national conference for when even the President himself has said that the outcome of that conference would be subjected to the approval of the National Assembly?

“I have put it clear to you: this is diversionary. If it is a clear, meaningful national dialogue, we will participate, but this isn’t. The President himself has said whatever is discussed there will be subjected to National Assembly. So, what you are having is constitutional amendment.”

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