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APC’s merger is bound to fail says Ortom

Minister of State for Trade and Tourism, Dr Samuel Ortom has described the All Progressive Congress, APC, merger as a marriage of convenience which is bound to fail.
Ortom who spoke in an interview at the weekend said that the failure staring APC in the face started from the very beginning when they party stated facing varying degrees of problems.
He said: You can see from the time the merger was conceived to when the party was registered, there were problems. The various parties that came together had issues. If you look at the set up, it is just a marriage of convenience which is bound to fail.”
The minister said that the APC and the Peoples Democratic Movement, PDM, posed no threat to the PDP, but pointed out that there was a problem in the PDP, which stakeholders are working to resolve through dialogue.
“But these other parties, you have seen what is going on; as this is not the first time they are ganging up against us. They did that in 2011 when they ganged up against us. Did they succeed?  The same gang- up is playing out now; it is not new and it will fail”, he said.
He said the problem of nominating a Presidential candidate has always being with the PDP right from its inception, but he pointed out that the party has always lived above such conflicts.
According to him: “The truth again is that for a big family like our party with various interests that could be personal, ethnic and sometimes selfish,  there is bound to be this kind of agitation. I don’t call it crisis, I call it agitation. We will find a way around it.
“Even in 1999 when the party was to nominate people, there was trouble here and there, some people were not happy. This happened again in 2003, 2007 and even in 2011. Those who left then came back. And so it is not a problem. I was not there in 1999, but, in 2003, Rimi and Gemade contested with Obasanjo and other people contested with Yar Adua in 2007.  So, this should not be important, what should be important is that we are in democracy and we should allow the people to decide what is right as democracy is government of the people, by the people and for the people.
So, the people will decide as the procedure is that one will be nominated by his party. The PDP will conduct primaries which will cumulate in the nomination of our candidate. We have guidelines and it will be as democratic as possible.”

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