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YFor us, Democracy Day is May  29, 1999

That is the day Nigeria began  the journey  to the unbroken  sustenance of democracy.

Those who have the sentimental  attachment to June 12 , 1993 are entitled  to their belief, mainly for political  correctness.

However, the reality is that an inconclusive election, no matter how well explained,  is a failed election.

The 1999 Election  Produced a winner, who handed over and democracy is alive till date.

Make no mistake,  Abiola made his contributions.  So did Shehu Musa Yar’adua whose several primaries were annulled  by the same military  regime.

But the birth of democracy  and its sustenance should never be swept under the carpet for political correctness.  May 29, 1999 is our day.  But the APC Federal Government can enjoy her cheap political points.

As law abiding citizens,  we enjoyed  the political holiday.  But that is where it ends.


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