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By  Erudite Hon. Barr. Wogu Boms wrote:
The problem is that this “character” concept has been intractable in definition and obscure in understanding.
 Consider :
A notable Khana politician, Gregg, abandoned Gov Wike and followed Minister Amaechi. In Eleme, in a rally where the Minister wondered aloud whether we who have left him have conscience at all., on that same platform and rally and with the same microphone, he declared, speaking of the man who left Wike for him:
 “We thank God Greg has come to join us to strengthen us in Khana!”
It is the same thing with the defection of Chukwuma (Chuchu) Dimkpa from Wike to the Minister who now appears with him wherever as the Minister shows him off as a trophy!
 But when one leaves here for Wike, character is called to question.
 I don’t understand.
 Do you?
Don’t forget that we didnt leave the party oo.
 We were only supporting a different candidate within the same party!
 Yet, that was enough to tag a lack of character to me!
There was a General Amah from Ogbakiri, he was Wike and the PDP through out the 2015 elections and of course, was adversarial to us.
 After the 2015 elections, this same General Amah was in our Leadership Meeting with the Minister presiding : he defected to our side!
 Will you say he has no character?
 I won’t say so!
What of the former NDDC EDFA, (I have forgotten his name) whom Mene succeeded?
 Would you also say he has no character merely because he left Wike and PDP with whom he collaborated and fought us mightily during the 2015 elections and joined us in APC afterwards?
What of the handsome, accomplished engineer and scion of Kalahari land, who even contested with Wike at the gubernatorial primaries in PDP, who later left the party and Wike even after Wike became the Governor from where he would have chopped, and joined minister Amaechi publicly?
 Is that great man also without character?
 Is he?
 Before you answer my own answer is no?
 So, let me hear yours!
There is one handsome and clean and always well-attired politician from Ogu/Bolo.
 I have always known him to be very close to and loving and believing of my former boss.
 I think his name is Jonah.
 Where is he now?
 I hear he has joined Wike and his PDP.
 So, should we now, by that singular decision tag him a man without character?
 I don’t agree for the same reason I didn’t agree with the previous situations!
Many people who are greats in PDP and now in APC, from my research, were founding members of APP or is it ANPP.
 What about that?
By saying some lack integrity and praising some depending on how their decision favour your political calculation, opportunity is lost to look at the deeper issues involved.
Why did Jesus currse the fig tree and it immediately withered?
What does the Bible teach on salt and value?
We examine these when we have the time and see how it can provide insights into the decisions people take which we don’t care to understand, instead we call them names whilst praising those who took similar decisions that favor our calculation
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