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Umahi,s contract accountability prowess

One of the many achievements of Ebonyi State governor, David Umahi in the outgoing year is his ability to sustain discipline in the execution of contracts awarded with tax payers money.
Absence of such vigilance in the past was the greatest mistake made by his predecessors which formed the pivot of their failure. They awarded contracts and never bothered to supervise them either because the money was never coming from their pockets and so they weren’t feeling the pain or because they were using it to compensate their cronies and lackeys.
Umahi will give contract, and regardless of who is supervising it;  insist that it will be done and delivered according to specifications. This long established principle does not spare any sacred cow. This is how he has been able to achieve towering trail-blazing infrastructural profile for the state and closure of our leaking purse which has been going into individual pockets. He has broken the cartels that siphoned our collective sweat into private fortunes.
In today Ebonyi, procedures for award of contract has been practically reborn. The governor doesn’t believe in dishing out piecemeal approach to projects execution or in using contracts to settle “boys”. No. Here in Ebonyi, requisite link and connections don’t get you contracts. Expertise and track  record of performance does.
We say welcome to this new regime of accountability.
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