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1. And it came to pass that on the third Sabbath day of the eighth month of the fourth year that Samuel the son of Ortom ascended unto the throne as governor over the province of Benue that he repenteth that he encamped with the APC.
2. And he declared according to these words unto the people. Behold,  I, even the son of Ortom hast been casteth away from the camp of APC and treated as though I was not anointed as  governor over this province.
3. For principalities and powers in the camp thereof conspireth against me that I even the son of Ortom may wither like leaves and be carried away like chaff by the wind from the camp of great  king Buha who reigneth over the entire kingdom. But how shall this thing be?
4. For it came to pass that during the reigns of king Jonathan,  Samuel the son of Ortom dweleth in the camp of  PDP and numbered amongst the wise men that sitteth in the court of the king. And he was given powers to oversee all matters that pertaineth to trade in the entire kindom
5. But when the time was come for the appointment of new governors over the provinces of the kingdom that he declared unto king Jonathan according to this words saying:
6. My lord, now that the time is come for new governors to be appointed, suffer me I pray thee to present myself that I may be appointed governor over the province of Benue for it is my fervent heart desire that I deliver my people from penury and lead them to the promise land.
7. These words pleased king Jonathan that he saith unto him, go in peace and may the good Lord cause His face to shine upon thee.
8. But as he entered into the province of Benue that Gabriel the son of Suswam who reigneth as governor over the province at the time and all the principalities and powers in PDP camp thereof conspired against the son of Ortom that he may not be presented to be appointed by the people as governor. A certain young man by the name Tarzoho hath found favour in the sight of governor Suswam.
9. And Samuel fled from the camp of PDP and encamped with their greatest adversary by the name APC that he may contend the throne of the province. And he found favour in the sight of Akume who was a mighty man of valour in the camp. And when the appointed day was come, he was presented to the people by his new camp to be  elected as governor.
10. And it came to pass that Samuel the son of Ortom prevailed againt they that contendeth with him and was appointed and anointed as governor over the province of Benue.
11. But the people suffered greatly in his reign for he payeth not the wages of the labourers. And he decleared unto the labourers saying, be thou strong and of good courage in this perilous time. Be of long suffering for there is no gold and silver in the treasury that I may pay thy wages. But as the Lord liveth, in due time I shall pay of every shekel owed thee.
12. But the suffering of the people grew sore for many could not find a morsel of bread that they may break in their household neither hath they a cup to drink.
13. To many labourers in the service of the province, the governor declared unto them,  get away from me for I know thee not. For through crooked ways camesth thou into the service of the province. And he made a decree that their names be bloted out of the wage books of the province. Not a few perished in those days.
14. The Fula people who marched from across the Sahel with their cattle, sheep and oxen, also laid siege against the people. Not a few thousands were slain by their sword and their fields, barns and houses rendered utterly desolate. And the people were like sheep without shephard for they hath no one to defend them.
15. And it came to pass that as the circle for the appointment of a new governor was come nigh, that the son of Ortom lost favour in the sight of Akume. For Akume spake according to these words unto the governor: thy iniquity hast found thee out. Thou dealeth treacherously with the people and hath handled the treasury dishourably. Therefore, thou shalt not be appointed governor over this province again.
16. And the governor replied and said unto him: I shall not be careful in the manner I reply thee in this matter. Cast thou this day the first stone on me if thine hands are clean. For into thine purse hast much of the gold and silver from the treasury of the province flown in my reign.
17. And this words put George the son of Akume in great vexation that he conspired with all the principalities and powers in the camp and they chase the the son of Ortom out of the camp of APC.
18. And governor Ortom lamented with great lamentation and he saith in his heart for how long shall I continue wander around like fox without hole and bird without nest? How long shall I continue to mourn over this great evil done against me?
19. Shall I not go back to PDP, the camp of my youth, and declear unto them, I have sin against thee and against God; accept me this day that I may dwell in thy bosom continually?
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