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Igbo nation must produce president come 2023 – Uzodinma.

The senator representing Imo West, Hope Uzodimma, Sunday, at his investiture as Ambassador of Christ, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion of Orlu Diocese, has declared that the Igbo nation must produce president in 2023, saying it is the only way to reintegrate South East in the country.
The investiture was given for his long standing commitment to the service of God and the growth of the church.
The senator made the declaration during his address as guest speaker at the 17th mothers’ union conference of the diocese at St. Andrews Anglican Church, in Orlu.
Speaking on the theme: “The remedy to the continuous marginalisation of the South East in project Nigeria”, Uzodinma hammered on Nigerian president of Igbo extraction in 2023, restructuring and technological advancement by the Igbo.
He said there is abundant evidence that the South East is marginalised, while recalling that Igbo had a competitive edge over other nationalities in the country before the outbreak of the civil war.
The senator traced the root of the marginalisation to the coups and counter coups of 1966, the civil war and the post civil war policies of the government, and said one way to remedy the scourge is for Igbo to produce Nigeria’s president in 2023, so they can be reassured of accommodation by the rest of Nigeria, and, also, restore their battered post war psyche and sense of dignity.
He argued that to achieve this, Ndigbo should support a northern presidential candidate in 2019, who will not seek re-election and must support the South East for the presidency in 2023.
The senator said another remedy is for Ndigbo to back the clamour for restructuring, which, he said, will provide a level playing ground for equity and justice as well as end marginalisation. He reminded his audience that in pre-civil war Nigeria, true federalism thrived, hence, Ndigbo excelled in all fields of endeavour.
He stated, “Nigeria had a true federal structure that provided a level playing field for individual and collective talents to flourish. That is all Ndigbo need to fulfil their God given destiny, a true federal structure that ensures equity for all”.
Uzodimma also canvassed advancement in technology and intellect by Ndigbo, which, he said, they can use to dominate the economy and invariably determine the direction of political leadership in the country, and ensure justice and equity for Ndigbo.
To achieve, this he called for the floating of special fund by Igbo leaders, to facilitate technological research and breakthroughs in Igbo land.
The senator called on mothers to play a major role in all of these, by galvanising women to speak out against marginalisation, to support Nigerian president of Igbo extraction in 2023 and to support restructuring.
The unique Ambassador of Christ award was conferred on Uzodimma in a colourful ceremony by the Archbishop of the diocese, which covers the 12 local governments in Imo West , Most Rev. B.C Okoro.
The President of the women ministry of the Diocese, Mrs. D.A Okoro (Nneoma), who was assisted by other women to decorate the Senator with the award, said the honour was bestowed on him by the women of the diocese because they have observed his activities for many years and arrived at the unassailable conclusion that he  is sincerely devoted and committed to the service of God and the growth of the church.
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