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I’am The Best Benue Governorship Alternative 2019 – John Tondu

By Asawa Joseph
Former Commissioner for Lands and Survey in the governor Gabriel Suswam’s led administration, Surveyor John Tondu has declare that he is the best material for the office of governor given his antecedents, experience, exposure, connect and deep knowledge about governance.
Surv. Tondu disclosed that having known what good governance can attract to the people, he has decided to throw in his hat in the ring in view of the existing gaps in the present circumstances which he said “it stinks”.
” The present system stinks, there is overdependence on the federal allocation inspite of the abundant resources in the state both human and natural… ” he declared.
Surv. Tondu lamented a situation where the APC government in Benue state is unable to pay salaries of civil servants for almost 12 months even when it has borrowed up to over 60 billions from Commercial Banks.
 Tondu said if voted into power next year, his administration will be able to generate over N100billion in Land Ministry alone noting that the reforms he introduced during his tenure as commissioner for Land and Survey will be strengthened for more results.
According to him, many people doing business in Benue state are currently moving out in droves because of the present government’s inability or lack of managerial will to sign title documents on landed properties which could be used to access bank facility for business.
He disclosed that in the first two years of his administration, he will try as much as possible to build confidence and trust of the people in governance saying the present administration is very insincere in telling the people why it is unable to provide welfare and meet up with statutory obligations like payment of salaries having mortgaged the state Internally Generated Revenue and Federal Allocation to Commercial Banks which it is owing homogous amounts.
Tondu said as a way of creating jobs to take youths off the streets and minimize wasteful spendings, he will deliberately introduced a system of awarding contracts to only specialized areas while depending sustainability on ‘direct labour’.
He also pointed out his plan to introduced mechanized agriculture using expertise knowledge and talents from both the University of Agriculture Makurdi and the College of Agriculture Yandev.
The Benue governorship hopeful  was speaking to a select group of newspaper journalists while having a break-fast with them at Benue Hotels Makurdi last Friday.
Tondu told his guests that government is not run on emotion as currently obtained saying Benue people will be better off for it with him as governor come 2019.
He disclosed that already he had done the needed consultations with all the relevant organs of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and only timing for an open declaration of his intention very soon stressing that his performance as Commissioner for Land and Survey should be used to gauge his suitability at an open and transparent party primaries.
When asked whether he has a political godfather who is throwing him up, Surv. Tondu said in the cause of his service, he must surely have some people who he might be so dear to their hearts but it is left for him to politely advance his points in a way they will not necessarily feel injured while providing service to the people of Benue state.
Surveyor Tondu expressed confidence that the PDP is now repositioned, rebranded, restructured and much more focused to taking over come 2019 due to the failure of the APC at all levels.
He noted that come 2019, Benue and Nigerian electorates will chose between good and evil stressing that based on the antecedents of the PDP I’m the 16 years it held sway, the party will surely triumph over the APC which has thrown the nation into slavery with attendant challenges in the past three years
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