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I created Ministry of Happiness to address bitterness – Okorocha

Imo state governor, Rochas Okorocha, said Tuesday, he observed the people of the state, were bittered, he created the Ministry of Happiness and Purpose Fulfilment, to archive happiness for them.
A statement by Okorocha’s Chief Press Secretary, Mr Sam Onwuemeodo, confirmed this in a release to newsmen in Owerri.
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  1. OK, but why is it you sister that qualified to head the business centre?

  2. There is always reasons for everything. But the question is whether or not the sister is also qualifies for the job. So if she qualifies then the her appointment is very okay

  3. Ministry of happiness and couple fulfilment -good, but ministry for prompt payment of worker’s salary is better, think of that.

  4. E be like say this man dey take tramadol

  5. Which bitterness is more than not paying worker’s after working, if you need their happiness, u need not to create any ministry, just pay workers

  6. Have you paid the Pensioners? Can a man be happy with empty stomach ? Pay them their wages.

  7. Who brought about the bitterness?

  8. Ewu, pay salaries nd pensions, repair roads nd create employment nd there ll be happiness naturally. Re u dumb.

  9. Okorohausa is an hausa fulani alamajiri Boko haram don’t blame him he has a limited thinking aboki must always be Aboki all hail Biafra

  10. Rochas is suffering from myopia iberiberisim and nzuzubulity

  11. And you gave your sister the management to stem in-fighting

  12. You are a man without wisdom.

  13. D bitterness u created abi, onye arurala

  14. Under this government nothing is impossible

  15. Rocha’s created bitterness in IMO n he must also go out with bitterness

  16. Now I understand why Nnamdi Kanu call you Okoroawusa

  17. This Erujeje is really working on Imo people brain. After erecting statutes of useless world leaders, he has appointed his own sister to give Imo people happiness.

  18. This Erujeje is really working on Imo people brain. After erecting statutes of useless world leaders, he has appointed his own sister to give Imo people happiness.

  19. This Erujeje is really working on Imo people brain. After erecting statutes of useless world leaders, he has appointed his own sister to give Imo people happiness.

  20. imo people are lucky to have okorocha

  21. imo people are lucky to have okorocha

  22. imo people are lucky to have okorocha

  23. I highly regarded this man, but I can’t explain what he’s becoming now, no wonder, politics is dangerous.

  24. I highly regarded this man, but I can’t explain what he’s becoming now, no wonder, politics is dangerous.

  25. I highly regarded this man, but I can’t explain what he’s becoming now, no wonder, politics is dangerous.

  26. And your ministry of happiness has become ministry of anger.

  27. And your ministry of happiness has become ministry of anger.

  28. And your ministry of happiness has become ministry of anger.




  32. But u are making Keke people drivers cry right now by chasing them out of Owerri with military force, it’s happening now, it’s not fair.

  33. Oga if you didn’t create bitterness to your citizens how come you are creating a revenue to counsel them huh, this is the last governor of IMO state indeed

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  35. Compound idiot…don’t create any useless and needless ministries. ..pay people their salary. .anuofia

  36. Okorocha, your brain need surgery do not think that you are normal.

  37. May God bless you for this imo must be better.

  38. This man is truly a Fulani herdsman from the way he thinks.

  39. Lolz I no wan laugh bare
    I can see that the slap on ur face by the ghost is really affecting ur brain so we need to take u back to india

  40. Are you not the cause of Imo unhappiness ?
    To rub it in the insult, you brought your sister. Haba, Ndi Imo ..

  41. Please you people should brief your comment and make it meaningful so that we Comments Readers Association of Nigeria ( CRAN ) can read the next comment , thanks for the understanding .

  42. I see! Of course your sister is bitter in her marriage and you decided to make her happy by creating a ministry that doesn’t have any economic bearing on the Imolites just for happiness. Shortly, you will be creating the ministry of the #OtherRoom for your son or daughter to head as commissioner. I blame the erudite minds littered everywhere in Imo State who allowed you to make a mess of the state.

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  44. If he is 8oyrs i will say ,his suffring frm cenility…why no ministry for libya returnees,it will make sense

  45. It’s only in Nigeria the elect lunatics in to offices , very very unfortunate

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  47. Addressing the bitterness he created. Pay workers their salaries and bitterness will disappear automatically.

  48. Addressing the bitterness he created. Pay workers their salaries and bitterness will disappear automatically.

  49. Politicians are gradually turning the game to mockery..

  50. Too much money turns the brain upside down.

  51. And why is there bitterness if not that you are a disappointment

  52. Bad name for the parastatal or ministry.

  53. Now that ministry of happiness had been set up, more hotels to be build for jamboree and oringo I pity the imolites

  54. OK ooo Awusa you are a proper boon fool and selfish man ooooooo

  55. Yes, you created ministry of happiness for Keke ban in imo state.

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