Saturday , 25 May 2019


As Nigerians yearn for the end to this malicious and failed Buhari administration, the statement credited to the Ebonyi State Governor, Mr Dave Umahi that he will fight Mr Peter Obi, the PDP Vice Presidential Nominee is regrettable and ridiculous.
Scan-News is shocked at  the infantile reason adduced by Umahi for his anti-Nigeria action. He claimed that he was not consulted by the PDP Presidential Candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar before Peter Obi was nominated. Whatever that means.
But Umahi’s anti-Nigeria stance has to be interrogated.  This is a man who said on National Television that failed Buhari is his personal friend and he owes nobody  any apology  for that ungodly  friendship.  Did he consult Igbo people  before befriending the failure? Is Umahi working for Buhari by mobilising  a few political traders  to question the choice of the PDP Presidential Candidate?
Was Umahi consulted by Failed President Buhari when he launched operation Python Dance to kill thousands  of Igbo  people in cold blood across five states of the South-East?
Will Umahi confirm to the country whether Buhari consulted him before declaring South-East and South-South as 5percent area unworthy of projects?
The so-called groups that Umahi quoted in his unfortunate statement remains a bunch of greedy politicians, not interested in development.
The Choice of Peter Obi is beyond Umahi and his over-bloated ego. Why on earth would a man side with a complete failure at the  expense  of his people. Umahi obviously cannot campaign against his friend, the failed President Muhammadu Buhari.
Scan-News urges the PDP Presidential Candidate to disregard  Umahi and his hide and seek statement. The statement is irrelevant and self-serving.
Buhari  will be sacked in 2019 whether or Not, Umahi contributes. This movement is beyond the sabotage technique of the likes of David Umahi. We are not so sure of Umahi’s political party, even though he claims that his relationship with Buhari is non-partisan.
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