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Buhari declaration for second term: Even the heavens reject him.

Today is a sad day in Nigeria. Today is a gloomy day in Nigeria. It rained in almost all the states non stop, probably because the heavens knew what was about to happened and needed to wash away the evil that was about to happen, which finally happened – Buhari officially declaring for a second term.

Hear this Nigeria, wherever you are, standing close to a flag, be it National, Party, School or club, pls google close and draw it to half mast. Yes, Nigeria is mourning, in tears and pains that Buhari has decided to increase your pains.

Today should be declared a day of National Mourning and make it a historical declaration that more poverty was declared on the land.

Only those benefiting from Buhari are rejoicing today at his declaration. They have seen their maga, maga that has always paid and cannot afford to see him leave Aso Rock, so their source does not run dry.

In less than two weeks, he was scammed, scammed beyond redemption, first by a supposed MLK family and secondly by group of non recognized Pastors and Bishops.

Buhari’s declaration for 2019 Presidency is a total war on all Nigerians. It’s a call for further cleansing of the land by his Fulani herdsmen brothers.

In 2015, he admitted that old age will limit his performance. It didn’t only limit him but crumbled him. He led the country from the sick bed in London, while his son wasted another national money in Germany, treating him for an injury he brought upon himself. Has he suddenly become young and fit than before?

Buhari’s true age is 83! The deceit should stop. A man at that age should not be our President again. We have seen his strength and weakness and can now comfortably say he should go back home to rest.

President Buhari is the Rehoboam of the modern day, who will come back to whip us with scorpions if we elect him again.

Every generation has a duty to protect themselves from regret of the future. Buhari is the only regret we have this minute. He’s the mistake we must not make again.

Fool us once and it’s acceptable, but fool us twice and succeed is a taboo.

Tell it to the mountain tops, sing it on the plain valley that the return of Buhari is the return of the Antichrist that we have read about. No man or woman must allow it to happen.

Resist this not just with your votes patriots but your blood if need be. Resist this declaration by Buhari with your voice. Resist it with every thing you hold dear. Resist it with your PVC.

Affliction must not arise a second term.

My name is Fejiro Oliver and I endorse #BuhariMustGo


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Nigeria’s President, Facing Calls to Step Aside, Says He Will Run Again
(New York Times)
April 9, 2018
ABUJA, Nigeria — Despite calls to step aside and concerns about mysterious health problems, President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria on Monday declared his intention to seek re-election next year, ending months of speculation.
In a closed-door meeting of the National Executive Committee, after national news outlets had left the room, Mr. Buhari, 75, announced that he would run again, according to people who were present and briefed reporters afterward. They said he had told the committee that he was responding to popular demand that he seek another term.
Mr. Buhari has faced widespread criticism over his government’s inability to defeat the renewed Boko Haram insurgency in the northeast, or to end violence between herders and farming communities. Last year, he spent nearly four months in Britain receiving treatment for an illness that the government has not disclosed, leading to fears that he would never return.
Some voters may see a second term as a steadying force, and his supporters have argued that Mr. Buhari, a former army general, needs more time to battle Boko Haram, and to defeat corruption and other entrenched economic problems. Last week, his government made a statement urging Nigerians to “count the blessings that the administration has brought to the country’s economy,” citing a World Bank reportranking the nation as one of the top 10 in the world in making economic overhauls.
But over the past year, calls for him not to run again — or even to step down before his current term ends — have grown steadily. Two former presidents, civic leaders, opposition politicians and even some of Mr. Buhari’s former allies have said he should make way for a younger generation of leaders.
Within hours of announcing his intention to run, the president traveled to London to attend a meeting of Commonwealth leaders. His office did not give a date for his return, leading to renewed rumors in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, that Mr. Buhari would once again be receiving medical attention in London.
Mr. Buhari enjoyed widespread support after winning the election in 2015, but it dissipated as Nigeria suffered through a recession in 2016 and 2017, and new attacks from Boko Haram, the Islamist rebel group.
“Security and the economy are the two main areas of disillusionment,” said Sola Tayo, a fellow at Chatham House, a British foreign affairs think tank. “Whilst the economy has picked up since the recession, the security situation appears to be deteriorating.”
Nigeria has an unofficial practice of alternating the presidency between the mostly Christian south and the predominantly Muslim north. Ms. Osori said that ambitious southern contenders might decide that it makes more sense to wait until the president has served two terms — the maximum allowed by law — and it is clearly the south’s “turn.”
Mr. Buhari’s return to Nigeria last August only partially eased the fevered speculation about his health. When Mr. Buhari worked from home for several weeks, his spokesman explained it was because of the presence of rats in the president’s office. He became the subject of widespread ridicule in Nigeria.
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