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2019: CSO laments Nigeria’s ills, calls for protest votes

By Akon Etumukwa

Ahead of the 2019 general election, a civil society organisation christened “No Sidon Look” (NSL) has called on voters across the country to cast their votes in protest of the current ills bedevilling the nation.

Speaking at a briefing in Abuja, the Director General of the organisation, Mr Portrait Peterson, lamented the plight of young Nigerian entrepreneurs and graduates of tertiary institutions who “have mostly met with mockery and misery.”

Peterson urged the electorate to rise up and take a stand in the 2019 election that will lead to a better country for them and their unborn children, warning that things could remain unchanged if they fail to do something.

“I am sure that we express the concern of every Nigerian. Every young entrepreneur who has suffered badly over the last couple of years; not only suffered but also castigated and labelled as being lazy, which is far from the truth, considering the ingenuity and achievements of many young Nigerians.

“Indeed we hear stories of how things once worked in Nigeria, and of Nigeria once being the giant of Africa. Sadly, for those of us who graduated in the past couple of years, we have mostly met with mockery and misery,” he said.

The SNL Director, who expressed optimism that citizens can check electoral irregularities during the polls, urged registered voters across the country to collect their personal voters’ cards (PVCs), assuring that their votes would count.

He said “our votes must count, there will be no underage voting, no rigging, no vote buying, and no snatching of ballot boxes; don’t allow any security agent to intimidate you. After voting, we will wait until our votes are counted.”

Peterson, who delivered part of the address in Pidgeon English, said “no sidon look, make we make this nation great again. No sidon look, our youths no lazy. No sidon look, our farmers must progress and prosper. No sidon look Nigeria go better again.”

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