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不不不不. -This just shows that APC are counting their days in ASO ROCK不.

They started these shameless quotes with ICC praising Buhari, entered OBAMA praising Buhari, even Wole Soyinka; and they also quoted ex Ghanaian president. Then as the prophet that I am; I called my dad last week at about2am(because we normally use the early mornings to pray and also talk). I told him “Dad APC will soon use your name and put fake quotesbecause you are the most vocal now. We laughed and I said watch out不). Today we were shocked that this quote has gone wild不. KIA APC UNA OWN DON FINISH O.

A Bukola Saraki that FFK welcomed with open hands and even defended when APC said he led Armedrobbers to rob a bank.

When Uche Secondus was made the winner of that convention, NO YORUBA LEADER THEN congratulated him because they felt undone…… It was only Chief Olufemi Olu-Kayode at that time that congratulated him and wished him all the best. I was with FFK, and I know the pressure some unscrupulous elements mounted on him not to congratulate Secondus and to wage a war; he saw abosuletly no reasons for that and vowed to work with him to make sure the tyrant Buhari leaves Aso Rock.

As for Wike, no other politician outside Rivers state have talked about pressing issues bothering Rivers state like FFK. No politican talked about the SARS harassment in Rivers state, but FFK did. No other politican talked about the attempted assassination on Wike when his out rider was hit by Amaechi’s convoy; but FFK did.

Ordinarily we are not even suppose to debunk that rubbish, but we did it, so it goes on record that APC ARE ONLY COUNTING THEIR DAYS AND HAVE RUN OUT OF STEAM. My people say, when fight happen and after 5mins in the fight, one person don start to pick sand, just know say the fight go soon end不. APC have started picking sand.


#Stillon Jesus is Lord

杰icholas Endeley

AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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