Monday , 17 June 2019


by Livingstone Wechie
There is a fundamental question. There are unresolved issues that have bedeviled this disastrous Union of attrition. From the onset, there was no amalgamation document although classified. A treaty has a life span of a hundred years just like the amalgamation treaty long elapsed in the eyes of international laws.
The records are clear as to the youthful north on the farm of the southern queen. Calls have been made for the negotiation of the union and the terms of the marriage. Some over the years have as either caliphate agents or black legs and willing tools proclaimed ostensibly that the Union is NOT negotiable.
Some have talked about the blood and the baboon while the kingdoms of some extend to the Cameroon. Others have declared that they prefer we eat yams while others drink their crude. The view that they are born to rule while the rest of us are their inheritance is no longer news. Never forget the battle script of Ahmadu Bello published on 12th October 1960 on Parrot newspaper thus ” THE NEW NATION CALLED NIGERIA SHALL BE BE THE ESTATE OF OUR GREAT GRAND FATHER UTHMAN DAN FODIO. WE RUTHLESSLY RESIST A CHANGE OF POWER, USING THE MINORITIES IF THE NORTH AS WILLING TOOLS AND THE SOUTH AS A CONQUERED TERRITORY. NEVER ALLOW THEM RULE OVER US OR HAVE CONTROL OVER THEIR FUTURE “.  At a point, it led to the contiguous sharia belt in the 12 states of the north replacing the so-called 1999 disputed constitution of their Nigeria with such arrogance and now arguably enforced by the Bokoharam who some call their brothers. Obviously they quarrelled with western impositions stating that they prefer their sharia Islamic belt which to me is their right.. In the West, the OPC being the armed wing held sway in pursuit of an Oodua Republican. From the East, there came the Bakassi armed wing at a point. There is now IPOB and MASSOB all agitation for an independent state of Biafra. More than three million lives have been lost from this region particularly during the Nigerian/Biafra war. The agitation is resurrected again. Lives are going down and blood is flowing faster the the stream waters. In the Niger Delta, there was the Egbesu, later called militants who armed themselves to war for resources control. Then came the “amnesty” porridge. Today, we hear of the Avengers, Red Egbesu sea Lions, Urhobo movement etc bringing the oil and gas industry to its knees giving its explosive destruction of oil facilities across the mangrove. I remember the propositions of the Movement for New Nigeria wherein it offered a viable alternative to this chaos. Suddenly the mantra and enforcement of ungovernability reared its head when the slave from the mangrove held sway to the anger of the born to rule. It became the Lamentations of Washington and London as shown in the conspiracies that was later concluded in Abuja to the quiet silencing of the busy streets of Otueke and the tragic epics of Southern Ijaw. Eli Iwhuoriha although remains the respite in terms of near urban consolations and cohesion and reunion. When the agitation for “discuss or disperse the union” rent the air, and regional autonomy was advocated, our people were viewed as criminals who deserve like treatment. There came the demand for independent states as of right, then some Yakasais and their cotravellers fumed fire and brimstone and called us names. Lower Niger Congress offered a referendum as the way to go but it is still not heeded. Today, Atiku skews himself in a bid to get salvation for Intels, FOT, FLT and the rest largest from his deltaic dynasties. He says in such deceit and mischievous chants “RESTRUCTURE NIGERIA AND INVEST IN NIGER DELTA” The man in the rainforest yells “Akabaneelooooooo”!!! BECAUSE ATIKU SAID IT, ITS NOT TREASON ABI?? Just days ago in celebration of their one year bequest, the chief Laiar conjuctvietuosly on a live TV just like sorcerer voked on Nigerians that the herdsTerrorists  is a result of climate change as earlier predicted. That herdsmenTerrorists killing people in the middle belt and eastern Nigeria is due to climate change which has occasioned migration crisis as people from Libya have migrated to Nigeria as herdsmen to kill people in Middle belt and Ala Igbo. You see to that??? The issue with this Nigerian contraption is that we seek to resolved the conflict yet ignore the bone of contention with such interposition. Today we are faced with the realities of the time. Nigeria has been beheaded severally. It can not even pay salaries to those who work for it. Just less than 5% of the population which depends on it through civil service. You now know what becomes of 170 million with their loud voices in one ear. Thus, draconianism is now the order. Intimidate them, use secret police to hound and harass them to cover for our ineptitude and inadequacies. The truth is that if we don’t voluntarily talk on the issues of the union, go the South African way of CODESA by Frederick de Clark, there will be a recurrent natural effect of unrest from Boko haram, to the renegade wing of the Southwest, to IPOB, MASSOB, to the Avengers and many alike… I join to propose recommendations as a fair antidote. In the words of China Achebe, mediocrity is more damaging than war! To be Continued…
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