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We need a virile justice system

By Jibrin Okutepa (SAN)

The kind of judicial system we operate in Nigeria aids and abets injustice. It aids and abets frustration. If someone owes you and he does not want to pay he or she rushes to court and the case lasts till God knows when. That is the reason why impunity is the order of the day in Nigeria. A duly certified theif is taking to court lawyers use all manner of legal Jargons and techniques and abuse of process to prolong the case and nothing is done. Cases are adjourned without due regard to the urgency and constitutional imperative of the matter. We take things so casual and unserious in this country and we are the worst for it. Those who loot our treasuries empty resort to and use our judicial processe to the annoyance and irritation of our common sense. They travel all the nook and crannies of our judicial ladders just to frustrate their trials. The system of justice in Nigeria needs restructuring in foundamental dimension. We cannot function well as a nation like this. Cases last in courts almost like a generation before it is concluded. We cannot make progress as a nation if we have snail justice delivery system. I pity Nigeria if we don’t do something ugent about our system of justice that aids and abets frustration and frustrates our people and the effective running of our society. In other climes it is not so. We need to have virile and effective justice delivery system to make progress as a nation.

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