Friday , 20 April 2018


By Tony Oyinkuro Banks

Tunde Bakare is undoubtedly a muslim and on a covert mission against the church of Christ in Nigeria.

Beyond the fact that he is from a muslim family, and that most of his family members are still Muslims, He has without fail attacked and prophesied against the two Christian presidents we have ever had in this nation.

When Obasanjo was president, he vehemently attacked him and prophesied that Obasanjo will die in office. In recent times, when Goodluck Jonathan was President, his attacks were beyond measure. Jonathan made several overtures to him and invited him to advise and work with him but he did not only turn Goodluck down, but made a mockery of President Jonathan.

Looking backwards, he was quick to label Yaradua a muslim president as Nigeria’s messiah. Remember that Yaradua appointed Sanusi as Governor Central Bank. It was in Yaradua’s time that the Islamic/Arabic inscriptions were returned on our Naira notes. It was during Bakare’s messiah rule that 5 Nigerian banks were declared to be bankrupt and was to be acquired by Jaiz Bank, an unconstitutional Islamic bank.

You know very well about his love and support for Buhari all through the years. He was Buhari’s running mate. During the last general elections, he campaigned openly for Buhari and labeled Buhari as Nigeria’s messiah.

Tunde Bakare has been on the offensive against every genuine Christian leader in this nation. Bakare was a pastor with Deeper Life, he troubled Kumuyi and almost destroyed the church. Bakare was also a pastor in RCCG, under Pastor Adeboye. He caused rancour and division in the church during his stay and after he left. What about his televised attacks on Bishop Oyedepo, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome etc.

Look at his romance with El Rufai, this same El Rufai is about to pass a bill to limit Christian preaching in Kaduna state, Christians are slaughtered in Kaduna without any word or condemnation from Bakare.

He criticized Obj and Jonathan openly, but recently he said, he cannot criticize Buhari publicly. Bakare is also the only pastor that has endorsed the new FRCN action against Pastor Adeboye and the Church in Nigeria.

I am convinced beyond any shadow of doubt that Bakare is a muslim on a covert mission to destabilize the Christian church in Nigeria.


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